Ah, Pokemon Black and White has cast a spell on Maddy, George & Erin …

“We should mention that we all went to see Tangled today (celebrating Erin’s birthday requires Disney Movies), so Rapunzel makes a few cameos.  George would like to mention that he actually finished in less than 5 minutes and everyone else took longer.  Also, George thought that Swadloons look emo.  Maddy pretty much just yells, “Kaiko!” which is the name of her beloved Swadloon in the game. Erin thought Swadloon was pretty fun to draw, but Rapunzel has always been a top fiary tale for her, so the Pokemon was totally eclipsed by the princess.

One final word on Swadloon, Maddy made another, one that took significantly longer than 5 minutes.  She actually sewed herself a stuffed Swadloon.  There’s a picture attached, because it’s pretty awesome.”


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