Draw with Us!

We’ll keep it simple, shall we? Scan your artwork and save it as a .jpg at (ideally) no more than 675 pixels wide. Smaller than 500 pixels is bordering on too small.

Tell me the name of the hero/villain you drew and the names of the artists. I’ll take it from there. Send your artwork to tim_miner73@hotmail.com

The first rule of 5-Minute Marvels is … we tell EVERYONE about 5 Minute Marvels.

Whether you’re an accomplished artist or someone who’s terrified of showing their work to others … you have a place on this site. And, the rules work for people of all skill levels. It couldn’t be easier to submit artwork. Please scan it and send as a .jpg at NO SMALLER THAN 650 pixels wide and send it to tim_miner73@hotmail.com

#1 – Set the clock for five to ten minutes and stick to it. There’s no huge time commitment here. At under 10 minutes, it’s easy to find the time to pick a superhero or a supervillain and draw with your child … cousin … neice/nephew … neighbor … student … etc. Sketch for about 5 minutes. Ink and color for another five.

#2 Check your self-consciousness at the door. When you’re a kid, you’ll draw for hours with no thought to your skills. You were good. You just knew it. It was all about the joy of drawing and imagining. When you’re an adult … you worry … you fret … you criticize. But, just remember: No matter what … the kid you’re drawing with thinks you’re awesome. Just draw. And, with only five minutes between you … there’s no time to be a perfectionist.

#3 Talk while you draw. Talk about the hero or villain you’re drawing. If you know a lot about comics, share it. If the kid knows more, ask questions. If the only thing you both know is “Spider-Man is cool,” talk about that.

#4 Have fun. Umm … I think I’ll leave this up to you.

#5 Draw tomorrow. The only thing better than sharing the first “5 Minute Marvel” with the child in your life is … the second one.


9 thoughts on “Draw with Us!

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  3. Sounds like a fun place you have here. You know drawing fun stuff like comic book characters should always be fun. I am always doing little 5 min. drawings in my sketchbook. I will have to submit in the near future.

    • EVERYONE can draw. Our advice … start with a Dalek and send it to us. We’ll draw with you.

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