2012 5 Minute Marvels Sketchbook

And, if you wanna’ see the 5MM sketchbook we created for HeroesCon, click the image below!

HeroesCon, Baby!

Come see us, the 5MM girls and I will be at Table AA237 Today (Saturday) and I’ll be hangning with Tara Abbamondi with preview copies of our new Webcomic, Golden Rule, and our buds, Justin and Lee from the Adventuring Company through Sunday!


It’s been YEARS since I thought about the adventures of Danger Mouse and Penfold. So, many thanks to Mat Nixon for the suggestion and his tremendous sketch. This was a lot of fun for the girls and me. Cate was especially keen to try a step-by-step we found on DragoArt … and did a great job with it.

But, back to Mat. He has an awesome little sketch blog called: http://funwithmarkers.blogspot.com/

How can you not just love that? 


Two weeks ago, we got this cute little 5 Minute Marvel from Helena Juhasz (http://helenajuhaszillustration.blogspot.com/) the author/artist of the kid’s comic Stumpwater. We’d not spoken before, but she sent along this note and introduced the girls and I to the world of Moomin, of which we’d never heard.

“I just drew one of my comic heros from the Finnish strip: The Moomins. Is it ok it’s not a traditional super-hero? He is a troll, though. I think that makes him super! 😉   Helena Juhasz “

Thanks, Helena! We had fun.

Creamsicle for @JoelCarroll

Today, our pal, Joel Carroll shared this adorable little cat drawing over Twitter. It was Cate’s night to pick. One look at this little scamp … who Joel called “Creamsicle” … and her eyes lit up. This was a really fun one to draw. Thanks, Joel.

To see more of Joel’s incredible work (I love the Legion and Green Lantern Corps sketches, myself), visit http://www.joelcarroll.com/


And, now a word from Joel!