2012 5 Minute Marvels Sketchbook

And, if you wanna’ see the 5MM sketchbook we created for HeroesCon, click the image below!



It’s been YEARS since I thought about the adventures of Danger Mouse and Penfold. So, many thanks to Mat Nixon for the suggestion and his tremendous sketch. This was a lot of fun for the girls and me. Cate was especially keen to try a step-by-step we found on DragoArt … and did a great job with it.

But, back to Mat. He has an awesome little sketch blog called: http://funwithmarkers.blogspot.com/

How can you not just love that? 


Two weeks ago, we got this cute little 5 Minute Marvel from Helena Juhasz (http://helenajuhaszillustration.blogspot.com/) the author/artist of the kid’s comic Stumpwater. We’d not spoken before, but she sent along this note and introduced the girls and I to the world of Moomin, of which we’d never heard.

“I just drew one of my comic heros from the Finnish strip: The Moomins. Is it ok it’s not a traditional super-hero? He is a troll, though. I think that makes him super! 😉   Helena Juhasz “

Thanks, Helena! We had fun.

Creamsicle for @JoelCarroll

Today, our pal, Joel Carroll shared this adorable little cat drawing over Twitter. It was Cate’s night to pick. One look at this little scamp … who Joel called “Creamsicle” … and her eyes lit up. This was a really fun one to draw. Thanks, Joel.

To see more of Joel’s incredible work (I love the Legion and Green Lantern Corps sketches, myself), visit http://www.joelcarroll.com/


And, now a word from Joel!

Ghost Rider!

I have been a fan of Dan Christensen’s work for many years. In fact, the first piece of original comic art I ever bought was from Dan. He sent in this amazing art a long time ago … and it got stuck in the dark corners of my e-mail. But, it was a happy re-discovery and I am thrilled to bring it to you! You can check out Dan’s work at http://dcdrawings.blogspot.com/

With the art, Dan send this note: My youngest boy Andy (6 years old) and I came up with a couple of Ghost Rider sketches today that I thought I’d pass along. I colored my sketch in Photoshop, which took about ten minutes, but the drawing itself only took 45 seconds, so if you average the two times, then *technically* that’s five minutes, right? 

45 seconds!?!?!? That’s talent, folks … and years and years of practice.

Puffy Unicorn for @scottlava!

HeroesCon prep continues! It was Cate’s pick last night, and she chose to draw puffy unicorns from Scott C.’s poster for his recent Tender Times show in New York. We love Scott’s art, can’t wait to get his new Great Showdowns book (with a forward from Neil Patrick Harris!) and meet him at Heroes in June.

Until then, we’ll just enjoy looking at his daily sketches on his site: http://www.pyramidcar.com/

P.S. Quote from Cate on her sketch: “Hey, Dad! Check it … Bloody Horn!!!” (Really, doesn’t every father long to hear that at some point? That kid ain’t right.)

 And, now a word from Scott C.:

HOLY MOLY!!  that is amazing!  agh!  i am freaking out.  you guys are the best.  Puffy Unicorns is a great name for those little dudes.

Nevull the Neatobot!

HeroesCon in Charlotte is just four weeks away today! We’ve developed a tradition over the last few years of looking at the Artist Alley list for sketching inspiration. This week, J. Chris Campbell’s “Neatobots” jumped out and commanded us to sketch. It’s wonderful, bright, colorful work that engenders immediate love. J. Chris’ work feuled cate to produce what she has defined as “my best drawing ever.” High praise, indeed. See more for J. Chris Campbell’s amazing work at http://jchriscampbell.com/


Happy Mother’s Day

To celebrate Mother’s Day, the girls helped me with a present to my mom, Pat Miner. The girls drew themselves in their superhero identities — Saving Grace and Cate-Tastrope – and I drew Super Mimi, who fights injustice with her keen fashion sense and magically delicious chocolate chip cookies. (And, yes, my Mom’s cookies *are* that good.)

Wild Things for Maurice Sendak

Like so many families on this planet, the Miner clan has a very soft spot for “Where the Wild Things Are.” It’s one of the first books I remember reading to the girls when they were young … and we owned before they were even born. So, like many kids raised on the Wild Things, Pierre and Chicken Soup with Rice (my personal favorite), we mourn the passing of an amazing creator, Maurice Sendak. And, we hope to honor him with our art. (Coincidentally, in trying to emulate his intricate cross-hatching, I found a brand new respect for his talent. Whew! That’s a lot of work.)

Dad’s Doodles: Reed Gunther & Starla

Yesterday was busy one at work, so I needed to stop and have a sketch break. I’ve been working on character expressions … and the stunning expression work Chris and Shane Houghton are doing on “Reed Gunther” is a source of great inspiration. A 10-minute sketch session with Reed and Starla was a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy.

And, now a word from Shane Houghton ( @shanehoughton ):

Baby Deadpool

I took most of the 90s off as a comics fan, so I missed the advent of Deadpool. A character I admittedly know little about, other than he looks like sarcasm and violence rolled into one … which means I probably should enjoy him. But, as a subject for the girls … not so much. But, some fans requested him, so we went with a weapons-free baby version of Mr. Deadpool. Whatcha’ think?

The Pink Panther!

The Miner Ladies and I have been away on a church retreat all weekend, so I’ll be brief tonight. We DID have time to draw! Out of nowhere (and seemingly with no discernable motivation) Grace chose The Pink Panther. And, it was an inspired one. I think both girls did great work tonight. I decided to throw in a :30 second drawing of Joey Weiser’s Mermin, just for fun.

500th Post! Little Ms. Captain Marvel!

It all started one night when Grace drew Ms. Marvel on a piece of paper about the size of a post-it. She was 6. That night, we posted it on the Internet.

A few nights later, she asked me to draw with her. A few weeks later, Cate decided it might be fun to join in. 5 Minute Marvels was born. And, It’s been so much fun these last two years, creating memories the Miner family will remember forever.
We’ve made so many friends around the world — professional comic book creators, aspiring artists and writers, kids who dream of making comics someday and adults who’ve never stopped dreaming about it.

Here is art created to celebrate this 500th post by just a few of our many wonderful friends. Thank you so much for being part of this journey. We hope to draw with you for years to come!  And, for those of you who’ve followed us and drawn with us — I hope it’s been half as much fun for you as it’s been for us.

Grace Miner (8)

 Cate Miner (7)


Kelly Sue DeConnick: http://kellysue.com/

Kelly Thompson: http://1979semifinalist.wordpress.com/

Tara Abbamondi: www.tarabba.com

Jordan Gibson: http://flavors.me/jordangibson

Joel Carroll: http://www.joelcarroll.com/frontpage/

“Calamity Jon” Morris: http://calamityjonsave.us/

Erin Kelly: http://literateknits.wordpress.com/

Jamie and Tyler (10) Cosley: http://www.jamiecosley.com/

Janet K. Lee: http://www.j-k-lee.com/Home.html

Calliope den Ouden: http://www.inktspatten.nl/

Karine Charlebois: http://kantharasloft.net/   

Meredith McClaren: http://iniquitousfish.blogspot.com/

Philip A. Buck: http://www.philipabuck.com/ 

J. Robert & Samantha (6) Deans: http://icrvn.com/blog/

Josh Bowron: http://discernland.blogspot.com/

Jason & Marghread Enright: http://wecomics.com/

1 more to 500 … DRAW WITH US!

This weekend, our 500th post will go up … and we hope you’ll draw with us. Grace’s first 5MM was Ms. Marvel, so she’s our subject. If you, or the kid(s) in your life, want to join in … take 5-10 minutes, draw the new Captain Marvel, scan and send to marvelsmartass at live dot com by Friday morning!

Silly Nonsense Inpired by @cartoonfuntime

One more for the night. Cate, Grace and I found the work of Geneva Hodgeson on her TumblR blog – cartoonfuntime.tumblr.com – and loved it.

It was Grace’s night to pick our subject and, after much lobbying for Geneva’s cat with glasses, this silly little bunny was the winner.

And, now a word from Geneva!

Grace Interviewed on GeekMom.com

Proud father moment … Grace was interviewed about her participation in Womanthology: Heroic on GeekMom.com. She was really awesome in her taped interview and sounded so grown up talking about the predjudices of girls/women and comics. I was busting with pride. You can read the article here!

“Spider-Man No More!” — Thumbrpint Style

As you can see, we’ve been having a lot of fun with the Ed Emberley fingerprint cartoons … me probably more than anyone else. I was inspired to create a “thumbs-eye view” of the classic Amazing Spider-Man #50 by the great John Romita, Sr. I really had fun with it, but now that I’ve finished, I want to redo it … “thumbday” soon.

Capture Creatures — Part the Third!

More Capture Creatures. The girls are really loving these. Cate drew a pig/turtle/squirrell/chipmunk without a name. Grace drew a star-shaped squirrell (kinda’ like Flystar). She made a point to tell me she did NOT copy off Becky Dreistadt for this one. I went with a Storokoth … a stork with tentacles. (Yeah. I’ve been reading too much BPRD lately.)


Gracie is excited about her school studies for Black History Month and asked to draw a black superhero. There aren’t enough of them, but there are some great options from which to choose. She wanted to draw Storm. Excellent choice in my book.

As I started reading Uncanny X-Men with issue #191 (my very insightful mom got me a subscription as a surprise), there is only one Storm … angry Mohawk Storm. Grace was really nervous about attempting a profile, but I think her drawing is adorable.


Sketchin’ – Angry Birds, Peter Porker & Spidey

After surviving an extremely long day, my good friend Josh Bowron (keeper of the Discernland blog) capped it off with car trouble. So, I gave him a lift and we enjoyed a quick beer while sketching with his young son, Henry. And here are the results …

Angry Birds by Henry

Peter Porker – The Spectacular Spider-Ham by Josh

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man by Dad

Dad’s Doodle – Buster Keaton, Alcatraz & Texas Twister

The girls didn’t really want to draw last night, but I did a little doodling on my lunch break and while watching a little TV …

Inspired by Scott C’s great showdowns, I drew Buster Keaton vs. a Build-Your-Own-House-Kit in “One Week” …

The cast of “Alcatraz” …

And, for Brendan Tobin, Ed Emberley versions of Texas Twister & Shooting Star …

Fijit Friends

Drawing with Cate is different than drawing with Grace. She’s not really into the “You pick one. I pick one,” idea. At best, you can just hope you agree on a subject. Other times … she wears you down. This was one of those times. She wanted to draw “Wilma,” the Fijit Friend Santa brought on Christmas Day.

If you have one, I think you’ll agree a picture of a Fijit beats the loud reality by a country mile. If you don’t have one in your home … I envy you. 🙂

Indy Art! Scott C. & Becky Dreistadt

As fun as it is drawing classic comics characters, the girls are often more engaged by the quality of the art and the art style more than they are the legacy of the character. So, we look at the work of many indy artists. Tonight, we drew inspiration from Scott C. and Becky Dreistadt of Tiny Kitten Teeth. Check out their blogs here:

Here’s our source art: 

And, now a word from Scott C.


West Coast Avengers Nutcrackers!

One of the main reasons we haven’t posted much of late is that Grace was rehearsing for her dance group’s role in The Nutcracker. (She played a rat and a ginger snap.) This was her second year in the show and she had a complete blast. So, when I asked her what she wanted to draw tonight, she said, “Hawkeye … as a nutcracker.” What an awesome idea! So, I joined her by drawing the original lineup of the West Coast Avengers … as nutcrackers.