It’s been a few days since we last posted … end of grade testing for Grace, so we cooled it. But, we did manage to make some time to draw the most famous Pokemon of all … the pernicious Pikachu! (Okay, so he’s really more precious than pernicious.)


Ah, Pokemon Black and White has cast a spell on Maddy, George & Erin …

“We should mention that we all went to see Tangled today (celebrating Erin’s birthday requires Disney Movies), so Rapunzel makes a few cameos.  George would like to mention that he actually finished in less than 5 minutes and everyone else took longer.  Also, George thought that Swadloons look emo.  Maddy pretty much just yells, “Kaiko!” which is the name of her beloved Swadloon in the game. Erin thought Swadloon was pretty fun to draw, but Rapunzel has always been a top fiary tale for her, so the Pokemon was totally eclipsed by the princess.

One final word on Swadloon, Maddy made another, one that took significantly longer than 5 minutes.  She actually sewed herself a stuffed Swadloon.  There’s a picture attached, because it’s pretty awesome.”


We’re a week late in getting this up on the blog, but our buddies, Maddy, Erin and George, sent in these tremendous Pokemon drawings. And, they came a little note:

A little over [two weeks] ago this thing happened: Pokemon Black and White came out here in North America and proceeded to eat our entire lives.  Seriously, we took bets on how many hours we were going to play, collectively, that first week and guesses ranged from 25 hours to 125. We played 130 hours.  So, that’s why we haven’t drawn much. And it also explains our first set of drawings.

We like to team up when it comes to Pokemon, each of the three of us started with a different Pokemon, so when it came time to draw we each drew our starters. Erin had Oshawatt, Maddy had Snivey, and George had Tepig.  We’re really proud of how these turned out. George says “Pokemon rule!” Maddy (who has already “beaten” the game) tried working in ink this time and she regrets that she still needs to learn that ink leaks through the paper (the kitchen table also regrets this).  Erin loves her sea otter guy, and wishes he knew a move as awesome as the one she made up for this drawing.