Nightcrawler! by David Lopez

Unglablitch! The girls and I got two awesome gifts all the way from Spain … a 5 Minute Marvel sketch from Hawkeye & Mockingbird artist, David Lopez … and a video to boot. If you visit my other blog, you’ll note that I am an unabashed Jim McCann and David Lopez fan. So, the girls and I were amazed when David sent these our way. He is an amazing artist and a rising star at Marvel and the comics world. Gracias, David … and Graciela, his partner in crime, who shot the video.

Check out David’s blog here … and remember to buy Hawkeye and Mockingbird when it comes out this June!

Here’s David’s art …

Here’s the video …

And, here is the girls’ art. I think David really inspired them to do top-notch work on everyone’s favorite fuzzy, mutant elf!


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