Gracie is excited about her school studies for Black History Month and asked to draw a black superhero. There aren’t enough of them, but there are some great options from which to choose. She wanted to draw Storm. Excellent choice in my book.

As I started reading Uncanny X-Men with issue #191 (my very insightful mom got me a subscription as a surprise), there is only one Storm … angry Mohawk Storm. Grace was really nervous about attempting a profile, but I think her drawing is adorable.



Magneto! by Maddy Wahl, Erin Kelly & Pals

Our favorite comic-lovin’ cousins are back with an “X-Men: First Class”-inspired ode to Magneto. A word from Maddy, AKA “College Girl”:

The other day Erin (24), her cousins Miranda (18) and Jessica (15) and I (18) all watched X-Men First Class.  It was Miranda and Jessica’s first time seeing it and they loved it, so we decided to celebrate by doing 5 Minute Marvels of Magneto!  Erin and Jessica both focused on Magneto’s Jewish heritage whereas Miranda and I went for more general shots.  We all cheated by the bucketloads. But Jessica wants me to tell you that she cheated the least.

Don’t worry ladies, as long as you didn’t stress out while drawing, cheatin’s okay by us.


Last week, we called for open requests on Twitter. One of the first suggestions to come in was Mr. Sean Cassidy — The Bombasitic Banshee.

Banshee started his life like many of Marvel’s best heroes (like my beloved Hawkeye), as a villain. But, this pipe smoking Irishman was soon added to the X-Men roster and has been an underutilized fan favorite for many years.

We opted for his original appearance, which was much closer to his namesake — a shrieking ghost. Great suggestion. We had a lot of fun.

First Drawing of the Year: Shadowcat!

So, we’re starting the year by delivering on a debt. Weeks ago, I promised a young lady in Greensboro that Grace and I would draw Kitty Pryde. So, Carly, here you go. I wanted to draw the classic blur Shadowcat costume and Grace was enchanted by Katie Cook’s drawing of Shadowcat as cat here.

And, to prove that we’re about sketching and having fun and not perfectionism, check this out. Umm … unless Kitty’s mutant power is having her thumbs on the opposite side of her hand, I kinda’ messed that up. 🙂

Jack Attack! by Jack Williams (5)

A few days ago, Grace and Cate had a play date with their buddies Ella and Jack and, of course, superhero drawing was in effect. Jack gave us the drawings below. And, I must confess a partucular  fondness for his M.O.D.O.K. Go Jack!

Jubilee! by Ming Doyle

Wow. Super-Cool, Comics “It” Girl, Ming Doyle, dropped by to draw Jubilee, a favorite of hers from the Fox X-Men cartoon show growing up. (Yeah, we’re standing by the title we gave her. We think it could be like when Aint It Cool News called Kiera Knightly the “Sexy,  Tomboy Beanpole.” Don’t laugh, it stuck … kinda’.)

Okay, amazingly talented and Marvel’s “Girl Comics” illustrator, Ming Doyle, sent us an incredible sketch of Jubilee that makes you wonder, “How can someone do THAT in five minutes.” Want to see more? Of course you do! Check out more of her work at!

Thanks, Ming! Cate asked to sit this one out, but Grace had a ball. Once I told her Jubilee was a teen-ager, she added what she thinks all teen-agers say … “Peace, brother!” (Don’t ask me.) I added Jubilee’s bubble gum.

Cyclops! by Erin (23), Maddy (15) & George (10)!

The first family of 5 Minute Marvels is back with this awesome triptych tripute to Scott Summers, the dour, but erstwhile leader of the Uncanny X-Men. With his ruby quartz specs and permanent melancholy, he is the one, the only … CYCLOPS!

P.S. I love George’s Cyclops vs.  Cyclops!

Nightcrawler! by David Lopez

Unglablitch! The girls and I got two awesome gifts all the way from Spain … a 5 Minute Marvel sketch from Hawkeye & Mockingbird artist, David Lopez … and a video to boot. If you visit my other blog, you’ll note that I am an unabashed Jim McCann and David Lopez fan. So, the girls and I were amazed when David sent these our way. He is an amazing artist and a rising star at Marvel and the comics world. Gracias, David … and Graciela, his partner in crime, who shot the video.

Check out David’s blog here … and remember to buy Hawkeye and Mockingbird when it comes out this June!

Here’s David’s art …

Here’s the video …

And, here is the girls’ art. I think David really inspired them to do top-notch work on everyone’s favorite fuzzy, mutant elf!

Domino! by Ross Campbell

So, we have a new pal on 5 Minute Marvels — ROSS CAMPBELL. We were introduced to Ross by our buddy, Kelly Thompson. And, we’re excited. Ross has been so nice working with the girls and me to create this tribute to the X-Men’s Domino. He was so excited and so attentive to pick a character the girls would love to draw and, he did it.

Ross Campbell is another talented grad of the Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2006, he published his first graphic novel, called Wet Moon. He is the creator of The Abandoned and Mountain Girl and Water Baby. He also recently drew the story “The Hollows” for the first issue of the DC/Vertigo comic House of Mystery written by Bill Willingham.

A true child of 80s culture, Ross puts up incredible tributes to cartoon characters, Kaiju (Godzilla/Gamera monsters) and more at And, Ross’ personal Web site is

Click on the image below for a super-embiggened version! PS – PROUD POP MOMENT – I love Grace’s logo for Domino with the alternating white and black. Love.

Wolverine! by Jordan (8) & Steve (44)

A 5 Minute Marvel first! Jordan and Steve found the site while cruising the InterWeb … and turned in this drawing of the ferocious X-Man … Wolverine! Guys, I love the cross-hatching work. I hope this is the first of many.

Rogue! by Cate, Grace, Tim … and Kelly Thompson!

Grace and Cate’s new bestest internet buddy, Kelly Thompson, put a wonderful story about the girls and 5 Minute Marvel’s on her supercool blog, 1979 Semi-Finalist, today. Thanks so much, Kelly!

Kelly’s a talented writer. Check out her site … visit early and often. And, you can catch her column, She Has No Head!, over at Comics Should be Good.

Best of all … Kelly joined in the fun with this cool drawing of the X-Men’s Southern Powerhouse, Rogue. P.S. Looking at Cate’s drawing, you may be tempted to think Rogue is really religious. Not so. She has a shock of white hair that Cate interpreted to be “a star.” But, after drawing, Cate said, “I was too tired to draw a star. So, I drew a cross.” So, there you go.