The girls enjoy Roger Langridge’s Muppet Comics and I am a totally unabashed fan of Thor: The Mighty Avenger, which Roger created with our pal, Chris Samnee. It’s one of the best books over the last decade … and it’s all-ages.

Roger’s latest ventures are reviving Popeye and his own, Snarked!, inspired by the Alice in Wonderland books. We drew two of his main characters – Princess Scarlett and Prince Russell – and had a lot of fun. I think Grace, especially, did a great job capturing Scarlett’s personality. Visit Roger’s site:  

Zita the Space Girl!

As a father raising a daughter in this digital age, it’s always gratifying to see Grace excited about reading. But, when she voluntarily picks up a comic at a school book fair and comes to me to talk about what she’s reading … I’m elated.

Enter Zita the Space Girl by Ben Hatke. Grace has really enjoyed this story of a young girl whisked off to adventures that would make Buck Rogers jealous. She likes to chat about the characters and … of course … draw. Read more about Zita here!

Gum Girl!

After drawing Andi Watson’s “Pricess at Midnight” a few days ago, the girls wanted to take a crack at his character, Gum Girl! Lots of fun. Check out more of Andi’s work here!


Sketch Monsters & Spiral-Bound

Grace and I both got books over the holidays we loved … and that love led to sketchin’. In Grace’s case, it was Sketch Monsters by Joshua Williamson and Vicente ”Vinny” Navarrete. Grace wanted to draw “The Love Monster.” For me, I went with characters from Aaron Renier’s “Spiral-Bound,” which was just made available on Comixology. (I’ve already gushed several times here about my love of Renier’s “The Unsinkable Walker Bean” for which I need a sequel, like, now.) Enjoy! And, buy.

New Year … New Art!

Happy New Year! Sorry it’s been a while since we last posted, but we have been drawing … as the next few days will show. We’ll start with a tour of some of Grace’s favorite holiday characters!

The cool thing is that after we drew The Bumble from Rankin/Bass’ Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, we got to see a licensed puppet performance of the same story at Atlanta’s Center of Puppetry Arts last week. Check out a link to a video trailer of it here. If you’re anywhere near the ATL next Christmas, you HAVE to make this show. It was terrific.

Master Yoda!

The 5 Minute Marvels experience started just under two years ago when I got the Super Hero Squad Wii game … and Grace got excited and wanted to draw the characters.

So, it was a pleasant surprise when, after I bought the Star Wars Clone Wars LEGO game this week, Gracie now wants to take on drawing Star Wars. And, the style from the Cartoon Network’s Clone Wars series was perfect. So, “Draw or Draw Not … there is no try.” 🙂

Chapel Smith with Emma T. Capps!

This is a special one. About six months ago, we learned about the amazing Emma T. Capps from our buddy Tara Abbamondi. Emma is an award-winning artist and storyteller. She has distinctive style, a signature character, a line of greeting cards, robust Webcomic and the respect of the industry. Oh, she also just happens to be a teenager. Amazing and inspirational. (P.S. She also manages to be a first-class Doctor Who fan, too.) You can see a cool time-lapse of Emma at work here:

Emma graciously agreed to sketch her character, Chapel Smith, and Chapel’s pet hedgehog with Grace and me. It was an honor.

We expect to see great things from Ms. Capps for many years to come and hope to meet her in person some day!

And, now a word from Emma!