Make Your Own “Five Minute Marvels”!

Over the holidays, we got a Marvel Superhero game for the Wii. Inspired by that, my daughter, Grace, started drawing superheroes. Then, she asked me to join her and we started an evening tradition of taking five minutes before bedtime to pick a hero or a villain and draw it together. Just five minutes … no more. We look forward to that time every night.Now, Grace’s four-year-old sister, Cate,  has joined in. We only have two rules: There’s a five minute limit … and there are no tears. It’s for fun.

We invite you find a kid … a pen … and paper …and join us. Here’s how to submit your artwork.

Your first thought may be, “I can’t draw.” It doesn’t matter. REMEMBER: To the kid in your life, you’re Picasso. And, with only five minutes, you don’t have time to be a perfectionist. Your second thought may be, “I don’t know anything about superheroes.” The good news is the Internet is full of Web sites and directories chock full of pictures. Trust me … you will never run out of heroes. And, if heroes aren’t your thing … pick something you do like. Just draw together and share here.

Send us your art. We think you’ll find yourself making truly marvelous memories … five minutes at a time.


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