500th Post! Little Ms. Captain Marvel!

It all started one night when Grace drew Ms. Marvel on a piece of paper about the size of a post-it. She was 6. That night, we posted it on the Internet.

A few nights later, she asked me to draw with her. A few weeks later, Cate decided it might be fun to join in. 5 Minute Marvels was born. And, It’s been so much fun these last two years, creating memories the Miner family will remember forever.
We’ve made so many friends around the world — professional comic book creators, aspiring artists and writers, kids who dream of making comics someday and adults who’ve never stopped dreaming about it.

Here is art created to celebrate this 500th post by just a few of our many wonderful friends. Thank you so much for being part of this journey. We hope to draw with you for years to come!  And, for those of you who’ve followed us and drawn with us — I hope it’s been half as much fun for you as it’s been for us.

Grace Miner (8)

 Cate Miner (7)


Kelly Sue DeConnick: http://kellysue.com/

Kelly Thompson: http://1979semifinalist.wordpress.com/

Tara Abbamondi: www.tarabba.com

Jordan Gibson: http://flavors.me/jordangibson

Joel Carroll: http://www.joelcarroll.com/frontpage/

“Calamity Jon” Morris: http://calamityjonsave.us/

Erin Kelly: http://literateknits.wordpress.com/

Jamie and Tyler (10) Cosley: http://www.jamiecosley.com/

Janet K. Lee: http://www.j-k-lee.com/Home.html

Calliope den Ouden: http://www.inktspatten.nl/

Karine Charlebois: http://kantharasloft.net/   

Meredith McClaren: http://iniquitousfish.blogspot.com/

Philip A. Buck: http://www.philipabuck.com/ 

J. Robert & Samantha (6) Deans: http://icrvn.com/blog/

Josh Bowron: http://discernland.blogspot.com/

Jason & Marghread Enright: http://wecomics.com/



 As I’ve said before, fashion and superheroics are a winning combination in the 5 Minute Marvels household. But, when you add popstar into the mix … watch out. Dazzler is just about the ideal superheroine for Grace. (P.S. Yes. Cate is on strike  … again.)

Popping over to Project: Rooftop for inspiration tonight, we didn’t have to look much further than Erica Henderson’s many, many redesigns of Dazzler’s costume. But, it was this, clearly Gaga-infused, model that was Grace’s pick.

Amazing work, Erica. We hope to draw with you soon!


Ninjasaur for Jason Horn!

One of our favorite aspects of HeroesCon in Charlotte this year was the fact that a bunch of our favorite artists – Stephanie Buscema, Joel Carroll, Mike Maihack, Dean Trippe and Jordan Gibson – were all teamed up in one area. An artist we didn’t know on their row was Jason Horn, creator of the Ninjasaur webcomic and super nice guy. Here’s his site!

We bought the latest book, Ninjasaus Vs. Dr. Deadbones, and had a ball with it. And, perfect for aspiring artists leaning their craft, was a how-to on drawing Ninjasaur with shapes. See below and draw!

And, to learn more about Jason, here’s a link to a great interview he did with Tim O’Shea at CBR!

And, now a word from Jason …


Lois Lane – Girl Reporter!

Oh, what could have been …

Dean Trippe has been a tremendous friend to us at 5 Minute Marvels. He is an incredible artist and a creator who sees the best in comics — the most wonderous, magical potential in comics. Potential that can reach the kid in all of us. I only wish the powers that be would realize what he could do for them.

Case in point … Lois Lane, Girl Reporter, a pitch Dean made to DC comics to bring the adventures of a teen Lois, Clark and Bruce to young adults. To read more about it, go here.

Well, DC may have passed on this (Grrr… shaking virtual fist in frustration), but we can dream about it. And, as Grace and I did, we can draw it, too. And, we can see Dean’s incredible work here and over at Project: Rooftop. Dean … we couldn’t love this more.

And, now a word from Dean Trippe!

Happy Anniversary!

It’s been a few days since our last post. Sorry, I was on the road last week and I missed a very important date — THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF GRACE’S FIRST FIVE MINUTE MARVELS!

It was January 18, 2010, and I had just unlocked Ms. Marvel on the Super Hero Squad Wii game, and Grace was inspired to draw. And, a family tradition was born.  And, here it is …

I know I’m a proud father, but Grace has come a long way in a year … learning what she can about anatomy, facial features, drawing with a pencil, inking with a pen and learning the most important lesson of all — having fun while drawing. To celebrate the year, here is our first anniversary take on Ms. Marvel. I think it’s fun to see how Grace has progressed. Along the way, I remembered how much I love to draw. And, Grace has reminded me to have a good time and not be a perfectionist.

We had no idea the journey this little blog would put us on and how many friends we’d make along the way — Colleen Coover, Maddy and Erin, Ross Campbell, Stephanie Buscema, Ming Doyle, Evan Shaner, Adam Koford, Dan McDaid, Mitch Gerads, Chris Eliopoulous, Kate Beaton, Francesco Francavilla, Chris and Laura Samnee, Jon Morris, Joel Carroll, Alexis Farjado, Chris Houghton, Tara Abbamondi, Katie Cook, Ben Cohen, Janet Lee, Joey Weiser, Dean Trippe, Jen Richards, Ryan Cody, Jason Garrattley, Nathan Fairbairn, David Lopez, David Gallaher, Jill Pantozzi, and more. The fact that these amazing individuals and many parents embraced this concept of kids drawing comics was amazing. And, a whole lot of fun. Watching Grace walk around a convention and hand out art is amazing. There is a pure joy and lack of self-consciousness about that gets lost with adulthood. I hope she never loses it.

But, there are no better friends of this blog than my lifelong pal, Jim “Uncle Jimbo” McCann and Kelly Thompson of www.1979semifinalist.wordpress.com. Jim restored my love of comics and has encouraged Grace, and Kelly has believed in us early on, guided us and has had flawless timing in encouraging us to keep going. Thanks to you both. You are wonderful friends.

And, there is no more appropriate way than to end with Kelly, who joined our celebration with a Ms. Marvel of her own. You’re awesome, KT!

Hyperion! by Cate (5), Grace (7) & Dad

The guys over at Comic TWART are drawing Superman this week, so we thought we’d draw Marvel’s “homage,” to the Man of Steel — Hyperion of the Squadron Sinister/Supreme!

 And, Holy cats! Cate has come out of retirement to draw Hyperion. She was inspired by an episode of “Super Hero Squad.” Give her love, ya’ll. We need to keep her drawing.

A Very Dapper Contest …

Just before Thanksgiving, Jim McCann (A.K.A. “Uncle Jim” — hey, my wife and I are only children, so we adopt aunts and uncles for the girls) stopped by on his way from a signing at the very cool Acme Comics in Greensboro, N.C. And, it gave me an idea … it is time for a contest!

Jim is the author of the amazing new graphic novel, Return of the Dapper Men with Archaia. He creating it with his longtime pal and uber-talented artist Janet Lee (who just got tapped by Marvel to draw Jane Austen’s “Emma”!). And, if you haven’t seen it, you need to get on it and order your copy here!

So, here’s the deal … adults and kids, get your Dapper on. Draw your best Dapper Man (or, in our case Zoe the Robot Girl and Ayden the curious young lad) and send it to tim_miner73@hotmail.com by Monday, December 20. Jim and Janet will pick one winner for best child (1-12) art and, well, one from everyone else. The winners will get an original sketch by Janet!  Have fun! 

To get you started, here’s what Grace and I drew!

Catch Up …

So, it’s been way, way too long since we last posted on this site. Life caught up with us a bit and we just stopped putting up our art. But, Grace and I have kept up the discipline of drawing, and we have lots to share. Here’s the first installment.

Here’s a photo of Grace at our new drafting table/drawing station …

And, now … on with the art:

Joey Weiser (www.Tragic-Planet.com) Tribute – Art from “Cavemen in Space” and “The Ride Home”!

And, inspired by Brendan Tobin’s Amazing Marvel Monster Cocktail Party (Here: http://brendantobin.blogspot.com/2010/10/amazing-marvel-monster-cocktail-party_30.html)

The Three Doctors!

So, I’m a lifetime Doctor Who fan. And, well … I’ve kinda’ gotten Grace and Cate into it. The recent resurgeance of Doctor Who and the new series are great, but I will always love the classic series more.

When the boys over at www.ComicTWART.com picked my favorite Timelord as their subject of this week, I told Grace. She was excited … and off we draw. She chose to draw the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. I was afraid the first Doctor, William Hartnell, wouldn’t get any love, so he was my pick. And, seeing 1 and 3 together, well … I had to add another 5- (ahem … 10-) minute sketch of Patrick Troughton.

Enjoy! And, if you love Doctor Who art, head over to www.ComicTWART.com and Ancient and Forever from our friend, Jason Garrattley.

As further evidence of my childhood passion for Who, here’s a photo taken as I leave to “graduate” from 8th grade. It looks like I’m just standing there beaming, but … yes … I’m imitating William Harnell’s famous lapel stroke.

Holy Cow! Cate is Back!

Don’t fall out of your chair or anything, but while Grace was away at Girl Scouts, Cate wanted to bust of the DC Encyclopedia and draw. She chose Black Canary and set to work. “This is the best I can do!” she exclaimed with a sonic scream of her own. I love the pigtails on Dinah.

Captain(s) Marvel! by Grace (7) & Dad

Grace and I love to see what the boys over at ComicTWART are going to draw this week. And, today, they started C.C. Beck’s Captain Marvel (or Shazam!, as you may know him). He was up in our rotation, so it was perfect timing.

But, having already drawn Marvel’s Monica Rambeau version of Captain Marvel, we decided to draw a few of the 56,736 characters who have born the Captain Marvel name … including this silly version.

Scooby Scooby Doo! by Grace (7) & Dad

Grace has fallen in love with all incarnations of Scooby Doo. So, it was only natural we’d draw them some night. She rendered them all in her style and I think the personality of each character comes out beautifully.

(And, yes, my Shaggy is high on Scooby Snacks.)

Devil Dinosaur & Moon Boy! by Jon Morris, Grace (7) & Dad

Grace and I are the proud owners of the incredibe sketch of two of my favorite Kirby Kharacters of all time — Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy. They were rendered by the uber-talanted artist, Jon Morris, who drew them for a 30-days of Marvel he unertook on his blog — www.Ape-Law.com. Best of all, there are several other works from this event available for an amazing $10 each at Jon’s Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CalamityJonSaveUs

So, tonight … we drew. And, I think this is Grace’s best work yet. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Bat Villains! by Grace (7) & Dad

After watching a little “Bat-Man Lego” on the Wii, Grace decided to take down some Bat Villains. And, I think her Penguin is terrific. She gave him the long, nasty hair from “Bat-Man Returns” and “The Animated Series.”

Then, we drew Mr. Edward Nigma … The Riddler …

And, I was having so much fun, I kept on going …

Kid Beowulf! by Alexis Fajardo

Grace and I got a lovely surprise over the weekend … a sketch from Alexis Fajardo, the writer and artist of Kid Beowulf, a fun comic inspired by the epic poem BEOWULF. Kid Beowulf follows the journey of 12-year-old twin brothers Beowulf and Grendel as they travel to distant lands and meet fellow epic heroes therein!

Kid Beowulf is an all-ages, action adventure series similar to Bone, Asterix and Avatar: The Last Airbender. The newest book, “Kid Beowulf and the Song of Roland” just came out this spring. You can check it out at www.kidbeowulf.com

As an English major and a comic fan, this really appealed to me … and we had fun drawing. And, Cate even ended her strike to draw a picture of Hama the Pig. Alexis, getting Cate to consent to draw again is a coup. Thanks!

Art-O-Rama! Drawing with Your Buddies

It’s been a few days since Grace, Cate (YES! She’s back!) and I last posted, but we’ve been busy.

Last week and this, Wednesday brought us comics from our friends Jim McCann (www.JimMcCannOnline.com) & David Lopez on Hawkeye & Mockingbird and Chris Samnee (www.ChrisSamnee.com)  on Thor: The Mighty Avenger.

And, Evan Shaner (www.EvanShaner.com) created an awesome Mary Marvel on his blog. So, Grace and I decided to draw for our buddies. And, Dan McDaid, my fellow lover of all things Kirby and Doctor Who (seriously, he and I were seperated at birth) proposed the Sandman for www.ComicTWART.com

Away we go!

Kudos to Jim and David for breathing new life into two characters who have lived on the fringe of the Marvel U. for many years. I have always loved the Phantom Rider (Long live the Rangers!), but Dominic Fortune … not so much … until now. Jim and David have made him the Han Solo of the Marvel spy game … and I look forward to his brief appearances almost as much as I do for Hawkeye & Mockingbird — my two favorite comics characters. That’s some feat.

And, what can I say about the majesty that is Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Marvel’s new Thor book for reads of all ages? I know … BUY IT! Daniel Von Eggidy at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find (our comic shop in Charlotte, NC) called it “Frank Capra’s Thor.” Man is he right. From Chris’ playful art, to the lush colors by Matt Wilson and writing by Roger Langridge, this book is everything that got me into comics into the first place. It just has a great heart. And, that’s somewhat hard to find in comics these days.

This week, a fave — Ant-Man — showed up to battle, then befriend Thor. So, we drew. Grace knows Ant-Man’s helmet is silver, but she got to use the “grown up” black marker to ink her work … and she took full advantage.

And, finally, Evan “Doc” Shaner — the world’s most passionate fan of Fawcett/DC’s Captain Marvel — put an awesome drawing of Mary Marvel up at www.EvanShaner.com. We were inspired. Grace’s Mary looks a little weary, but I love the way she drew Mary’s eyes … and she spent a lot of time on the hair.

Over at www.ComicTWART.com, the weekly theme is The Sandman … and how many choices there are. Most of the TWARTers have gone with the DC hero, Sandman — a great choice. But, I think Dan McDaid, who proposed Sandman, was leaning toward the Marvel villain Sandman. So, we chose to go in that direction and to draw him in his late 60s/early 70s costume designed by Jack Kirby. Ah, feel the Kirby Krackle!

I know I’m partial to her work, but I love Grace’s Sandman here. He just looks like so much fun to be around … like a day at the beach. (Oh, that was a truly poor choice of words …)

The Crime Syndicate! by Grace (7) & Dad

I know that DC’s Earth-2 by Frank Quitely and Grant Morrison made The Crime Syndicate of Amerika ultra-cool. But, me, I love the goofy, silly and innocent first appearance of the Syndicate back when Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky were calling the shots at the Justice League of America. To me, Sekowsky’s style was so inviting, so fun, so comic-booky … so Grace and I went there.

And, I’m proud to say, we polished off the whole Syndicate in just 10 minutes.

P.S. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE Grace’s “big head baby” version of Power Ring.

P.P.S.S. Cate promised to draw tonight … but, yeah, she’s still on strike. Grace says she’s “retired.” At five.

The Green Monk! by Grace (7) & Dad

Sometimes work just calls out to you. While stolling Artist’s Alley at HeroesCon this year, I saw a poster for Brandon Dayton’s inaugural book for his character The Green Monk. I am a sucker for two-color work and those who grasp it’s use — and Brandon nailed it with the cover.

The best news is, in a few short pages (one-panel each), Brandon weaves a tight story of the titular Monk’s encounter with a very large ogre and his haunted weapon. With sparse dialogue and no sweeping spreads, the story moves along and leaves you eager to know more about the Monk. Which is what every good story should do.

Do yourself a favor, order the book and check out more art at www.BrandonDayton.com and follow Brandon at ‘http://twitter.com/brandondayton

Doctor Doom! by Jen Richards, Kevin Spooner, Grace (7) & Dad

THUS SPEAKS DOOM – Tim Miner is Rude!

Our Web buddies, Jen Richards (AKA @Mockingnerd), the world’s most adorable Brit/artist/marine biologist, and Kevin Spooner (AKA @TheBlackSwan), the world’s coolest cosplayer/engineer/rock god sent us these cool images of Latveria’s own Victor Von Doom … and we drew … and scanned … and forgot.

Sorry guys, but hope you dig this!

Reed Gunther & Sterling! by Grace (7) & Cate

Grace and I received an incredible 5 Minute Marvel from illustrator Chris Houghton.  With his brother Shane, Chris creates the very fun comic Reed Gunther (www.ReedGunther), which follow the misadventures of affable cowboy, Reed Gunther, and his trusty sidekick (and sometimes mount) Sterline the bear.

Great art? Frustrated bears? Old West? Supernatural elements? Folks, that’s a winning recipe. Check it out at www.ReedGunther.com or follow Chris on Twitter at http://twitter.com/choughtonart

Harley Quinn & The Joker

So, it’s taken us a while to get here … but a counselor at Grace’s day camp requested she draw The Joker. Eager to oblidge … and always interested in a character’s love life, Grace was more than game to draw the Joker’s therapist turned partner-in-crime, Harley Quinn!

Paisley! by Grace (7) & Dad

So, after drawing lots and lots of heroes and villains from the Big Two, Grace and I are having lots of fun exploring the world of indy comics and Web comics. The styles are are often compelling for Grace to imitate and the characters are fresh …

This week, we stumbled upon www.HeyPais.com, a Web Comic devoted to the life of Paisley the Cat. If you’re a cat owner, this should be required reading. Grace loved it. Check it out!

Frankenstein! by Grace (7) & Dad

This week’s theme over at ComicTWART is Mary Shelley’s baby … Frankenstein (or, more specifically The Monster). I am sure this is going to ilicit some amazing work … so Grace and I wanted to weigh in.

But, we decided to go a different route and draw the very silly Superhero version of Frankenstein from Dell’s 1966 series of the same name. And, why not? After all, it lasted three whole issues! Read up on this fiasco here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankenstein_(Dell_Comics)

Spatch & Vattu from Rice-Boy.com! by Grace (7) & Dad

This weekend, I ordered Evan Dahm’s 458-page graphic novel, Rice Boy (which is available in its entirity at www.Rice-Boy.com). I do like Web comics and have read several of Evan’s short stories online, but I’m waiting to get the printed version of Rice Boy before delving into that story. But, it only takes a short glance to see the passion and the imagination behind the work.

In anticipation, Grace and I drew one of Evan’s original characters and Vattu, from the story he’s just started and is telling here.

Ms. Marvel! by Ella Williams (6)

A TREASURE FOUND! This sketch of Ms. Marvel was done by Grace’s pal, Ella, on the train on the way home from HeroesCon in June. It got lost in a pile of art unearthed tonight. And, it’s fantastic.

The heart-shaped lips? You know you think this is adorable.

Captain America! by Grace (7) & Dad

One of the most entertaining Web sites on the net is Project: Rooftop, an amazing creative blog where artists redesign costumes for famous superheroes. They frequently hosts contests to see who can do the best job breathing new creative life to an iconic costume. This time it’s Captain America. And, Grace wanted to take a shot at it.

I am a little frightened about how tied into deep Southern culture Grace tied Cap, from the American flag trucker hat to the camo pants and the freakin’ cannon she gave him.

Me? Well, I went a little odd. Although Project: Rooftop’s artists clearly take amazing amounts of time with their work, Grace and I stayed true to our 5 minute sketches (although adding color put an extra 5 on it for me). I decided to draw Cap in a motorist get-up from the early 20th century … tying Cap into the old Trustbusting days. With all the hits corporate America is taking, why not have Cap make a statement and go after the Fat Cats? (Okay, I admit it … I just really didn’t have a vision on this one. 🙂 )

Return of the Dapper Men! by Grace (7) & Dad

One final drawing of the night. We’re only a few short months away from the release of “Return of the Dapper Men” by Jim McCann and Janet Lee through Archaia Comics, two good friends of 5 Minute Marvels. Click here to pre-order the series.

I have to say, I am proud of this one from Grace. Janet Lee’s style requires very subtle shading (and a GIGANTIC bag of Prismacolor markers) … and Grace imitated it very well!

The New Spider-Woman! by Grace (7) & Dad

At San Diego Comic Con, the House of Ideas revealed a glimpse of the new Spider-Girl by Paul Tobin and Clayton Henry. Grace and I dig the spikey hairdo (kinda reminds us of Cate) and the wild ponytail. So, we drew her. Enjoy!

It’s a Contest, Ya’ll! Build Our Super Team

Grace and I had a lot of fun with the “Draw Gronk!” contest…and we wanted to have another draw-a-long.

So, we’re building a super team … adn we want you to help us populate it with your own creations. Give us fun super heroes to make this the bestest group of metahumans in the universe — The Super People (& Super Pets) Society!

 This contest is really for kids and their parents, but, adults without kids, if you want to send in art, you are welcome. But, remember, this is for kids. 🙂 So, tone down the sexuality and the darkness. They have a long time to get into that sort of stuff.

Send us a drawing of your hero by Sunday, August 14, and include answers for the following:

– Hero Code Name
– Hero Secret Identity
– Powers
– Origin
– First Appearance

We’ll pick the leader of the team from the entries and see if we can’t get folks to draw it with us!

To get you started,  here are a few Gracie and I cooked up —

– Hero Code Name: Iceberg (by Grace Miner)
– Hero Secret Identity: Pengiun Pop
– Powers: He can shoot ice at the bad guys.
– Origin: He was granted his amazing powers by “Mopey,” the snow elf.
– First Appearance: Amazing Alaskan Stories #13

– Hero Code Name:  Dude Fromage (by Tim Miner)
– Hero Secret Identity: Gary Gouda
– Powers: Super strength. Super cheesy. Super stinky.
– Origin: While on a tour of a cheese factory, chemist Gary Gouda fell into a vat of spoiled milk. The chemicals in his pockets mixed with the milk and transformed him into a mighty mountain of cheese.
– First Appearance: Tales of Culinary Catastrophe #5

– Hero Code Name: Mother Nature (by Grace Miner)
– Hero Secret Identity: Avia
– Powers: Can animate flowers and trees and uses her branches to attack humans who cut down or abuse trees and plantlife.
– Origin: A careless forest fairy didn’t realize that as she swung her wand while walking amongst the trees and hit one with an errant bolt of magic, transforming her into the wooded avenger, Mother Nature.
– First Appearance: Avia’s Mysteries #1

– Hero Code Name: Gi-Nor-Mouse (by Tim Miner)
– Hero Secret Identity: Skittles the Mouse (& his creator, Dr. Farcus Boxleitner)
– Powers: Um … he’s like a really,really huge rodent. With a mask. And a scientist riding him. Duh.
– Origin: After years of research, scientist Dr. Farcus J. Boxleitner created a formula that would revolutionized farming creating enormous fruits and vegetables — a feat which could solve world hunger. Instead, he used it to transform his lab mouse into a gargantuan. And, then he accidentally lost the formula. So, now he fights crime. Well, the mouse fights crime. Farcus just rides him. That’s why Gi-Nor-Mouse wears a mask. He embarrassed about the whole Farcus riding him thing.
– First Appearance: Thrillectomy #47

Avengers Academy! by Grace (7) & Dad

The only thing Grace loves more than superheroes? TEEN-AGED superheroes. So, she jumped at the chance to draw the entire crew of Avengers Academy by Christos Gage (www.ChristosGage.com) and Mike McKone (www.twitter.com/Mike2112McKone) — Finesse, Mettle, Striker, Veil and Hazmat!

What about Reptil, you say? Well, Grace chose to omit him. But, she promises that, “I’d draw him with a dinosaur head …” Stay tuned.

And, read up on Avengers Academy here: http://marvel.com/news/comicstories.11568.i_am_in_avengers_academy

Doctor Strange! by Jen Richards

And, speaking of leaving things behind, Grace, Cate and I were treated to this sketch of Doctor Strange by our friend and previous collaborator, Jen Richards (www.twitter.com/mockingnerd) some time ago. I am sorry it took so long to get it up, but I think it inspired Grace to do some really solid work on Dr. S’s face.

To enjoy more of Jen’s awesomeness, head on over to http://themockingnerd.blogspot.com/ and fall in love.

Nick Fury! by Grace (7) & Dad

It’s no secret that Grace and I are fans of the gentlemen over at www.ComicTWART.com. Last week, Mitch Gerads, creator of Johnny Recon over at www.PopGunPulp.com and 5MM fan suggested 60s Nick Fury, the Marvel Comics ultra-spy created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee and rendered forever cool by the genius Jim Steranko. So, we thought we’d play along with our 5-Minute version of ol’ Nick.

Maggie & Neena! by Grace (7) & Dad

We also owe a thank you to our pal, Tara O’Connor, for the drawing gift she gave Grace. I am really looking forward to seeing her completed work on her graphic novel, “Puddles.” So, we decided to draw Maggie and Nenna (the catdish) to show our appreciation.

Tara is a talented artist and a truly nice lady (we mean that as a term of respect). AND,  she does amazing commissions for just $10. Check out her commission info here: http://gingercurls.wordpress.com/storecommissions/

Check out her regular life-inspired web comics at http://gingercurls.wordpress.com

Awesome-Man! by Grace (7) & Dad

I must apologize to Paul Abbamondi, creator of the fantastic Web comic, “Supertown.” Paul was awesome and sent a drawing of Ms. Marvel in his “Supertown” style for Grace’s 7th birthday. We took a week off, but wanted to say thank you by drawing Paul’s character Awesome-Man!

Thanks, Paul. We hope to draw with you soon!

Hey, what are you doing still reading this. Head over to http://supertown.chameleonmind.net/?page_id=28 and have fun!

Hawkeye … and, um, Hawkeye! by Grace (7) & Dad

So, this one’s at the request of our buddy, Phil, at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, our hometown comic shop and organizers of the awesome HereosCon show in Charlotte, N.C.

In honor of Jim McCann and David Lopez’s “Hawkeye & Mockingbird” #2 hitting the shelves yesterday, Phil asked for Hawkeye. (Please. Twist our arms.) So we doubled up with the Clint Barton and Kate Bishop versions. Enjoy!

Mister Hyde! by Grace (7) & Dad

In honor of our Pal Chris Samnee’s new all-ages Marvel book, Thor: The Mighty Avenger, coming out today, Grace and I drew Thor’s opponent in the book — the super ugly, Mister Hyde. Nothing is more fun than drawing a villain with poor dental hygene.

Check out Chris’ amazing Thor sketches over at his blog, www.ChrisSamnee.com. And, BUY THE BOOK!

And, since Chris asked fans to send him photos of them picking up the book, we decided to do a little video …

Happy Birthday, Evan Shaner!

Tonight, Grace and I wanted to do something special for our buddy, Evan “Doc” Shaner, an incredible artist who is on the verge of blowing up. Check out his site here: http://www.evanshaner.com/

In addition to showing his mad skills over at Comic TWART, Evan created a fun series called 1990 Gettysburg, about a boy and his imaginary friend, Abe Lincoln. The strip has a fun cast with characters like F. Scoctopus Fitzgerald and Eastwood Moon-Face, who we drew tonight. Check out 1990 Gettysburg here: http://1990gettysburg.blogspot.com/

Happy birthday, Evan!