Zuko! by Maddy, Erin, George & Nick

They’re back … the first family of 5 Minute Marvels. Proving that the family the draws together, stays together. Here are a few word from Maddy (who’s soon off to art school, ya’ll!):

[We drew] the banished Prince of the Fire Nation, Zuko. George (12) [drew] a very classy pic of Zuko once he finally joins the good guys (Zuko’s a conflicted, adorkable antihero), wielding his signature dual swords. Nick (14) (Who we actually got to join us for once!) on the other hand chose to depict Zuko first season essence shouting about honor and mercilessly hunting the Avatar (Aided by pokeball, of course!)  Erin (24) paid homage to the wonderful Charles Schultz in her Zuko pic. Zuko goes to his (crazy, evil) sister, Princess Azula for advice and she shoots down his dreams (And HOPE!) in one fell swoop. I (Maddy, 18 <–Holy crap!) drew dear Zuko in a scene of his new-found good-guy troubles wherein Zuko runs from an angry Momo… with an Orange-Monkey-Zuko aggravating the flying lemur from Zuko’s shoulder.   …It’s a long story, anywhodazzle, we finally drew and it’s getting pretty late, so until next time!



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