Booster Gold!

Our pals Erin Kelly and Maddy Wahl sent in some long-lost 5 Minute Marvels, like these two, awesome Booster Golds!


Magneto! by Maddy Wahl, Erin Kelly & Pals

Our favorite comic-lovin’ cousins are back with an “X-Men: First Class”-inspired ode to Magneto. A word from Maddy, AKA “College Girl”:

The other day Erin (24), her cousins Miranda (18) and Jessica (15) and I (18) all watched X-Men First Class.  It was Miranda and Jessica’s first time seeing it and they loved it, so we decided to celebrate by doing 5 Minute Marvels of Magneto!  Erin and Jessica both focused on Magneto’s Jewish heritage whereas Miranda and I went for more general shots.  We all cheated by the bucketloads. But Jessica wants me to tell you that she cheated the least.

Don’t worry ladies, as long as you didn’t stress out while drawing, cheatin’s okay by us.

America! by George & Waddy Wahl

Okay, I have to apologize to George & Maddy. They sent this almost two weeks ago  … just in time for the girls and I to be in the prep stages for our trip to Disney World. (More on that later.) But, as always, they are awesome. Here’s what Maddy had to say:

 It was Midnight Thirty and neither of us could sleep so we decided to draw. It was George’s turn to choose and he chose America from a show called Axis Powers Hetalia, a show about anthropomorphic countries that my brothers absolutely adore. Now I’m gunna go sleep so enjoy the art!

Zuko! by Maddy, Erin, George & Nick

They’re back … the first family of 5 Minute Marvels. Proving that the family the draws together, stays together. Here are a few word from Maddy (who’s soon off to art school, ya’ll!):

[We drew] the banished Prince of the Fire Nation, Zuko. George (12) [drew] a very classy pic of Zuko once he finally joins the good guys (Zuko’s a conflicted, adorkable antihero), wielding his signature dual swords. Nick (14) (Who we actually got to join us for once!) on the other hand chose to depict Zuko first season essence shouting about honor and mercilessly hunting the Avatar (Aided by pokeball, of course!)  Erin (24) paid homage to the wonderful Charles Schultz in her Zuko pic. Zuko goes to his (crazy, evil) sister, Princess Azula for advice and she shoots down his dreams (And HOPE!) in one fell swoop. I (Maddy, 18 <–Holy crap!) drew dear Zuko in a scene of his new-found good-guy troubles wherein Zuko runs from an angry Momo… with an Orange-Monkey-Zuko aggravating the flying lemur from Zuko’s shoulder.   …It’s a long story, anywhodazzle, we finally drew and it’s getting pretty late, so until next time!



Another amazing collection of art from Maddy, Erin and George (with special guest star Jessica!) Maddy writes:

So we are all so cool that we got together on a Friday night to bake a Rainbow Cake, watch Young Justice, and draw. Our friend/Erin’s cousin Jessica Peery is -here, so we have four pictures for you this time instead of three! After some discussion and Erin decimating the others in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock we picked the most wonderful current Batgirl, Stephanie Brown.  Steph happens to be the only character in all the world that Erin is good at drawing (MaddyNote: Erin is a liar.), so she is uncharacteristically happy with her picture.  Maddy and Erin share a love of Steph, mostly because she is adoabibble (Maddy’s term), bricks people in the face, and behaves like we would if we got to wear the Bat: super excited. That’s why our Batgirls say the same thing. Jessica thinks drawing Batgirl was fun, and that any deficiencies in her drawing is because she is sick.  George just started playing Kingdom Hearts for the first time, so we had to pry him away from the PS2 with a crowbar and the promise of cake, but he liked using sound effects, Ka-Pow!