Comic Stuffs for Joe Quinones & Maris Wicks

It’s hard to believe it, but this time next week, we’ll have enjoyed the first day of HeroesCon. (Okay … we’re really excited.)

Two folks we’re really looking forward to seeing are Joe Quinones and Maris Wicks. Apart, they’re awesome. Together? It’s hard to imagine that must amazing working in one studio at the same time. The girls and I had fun rummaging around their blogs for inspiration … and you should, too.

And, now a word from Joe!


Dad’s Doodles – DC Women as Famous Funnies Females

Earlier this week, I was joking with Joel Carroll on Twitter about using Sluggo from “Nancy” to create “Lil’ O.M.A.C.” After that, I got a yen to draw famous DC heroines as classic comics characters. Little Lulu as Wonder Woman, Lucy Van Pelt (from Peanuts) as Black Canary (don’t forget BC’s blonde hair is a wig, too) and Nancy as Big Barda. And, I dedicate it to my friends, Kelly, Maddy and Sue at 3 Chicks Review Comics.

It was a lot of fun aping the styles of comics legends John Stanley, Charles Schultz and Ernie Bushmiller.

Ed Emberley’s Justice League of America!

I had so much fun drawing my rendition of the Avengers a la Ed Emberley’s style, that I had to give it a go with their DC Comics counterparts — the Justice League of America.

To learn more about Ed Emberley’s work, here’s link to his site, which has lots of fun activities.

Baby Wonder Woman & Supergirl!

So, Cate’s a bit obsessive. When she jumps into a thing … or back into a thing as she has with 5MM, she does so full bore. Such was the case last night, which started out as “I wanna draw Captain America as a baby.” Google Images handily pointed us to Agnes Garbowska’s Deviant Art page: |
They’re so amazing and so cute, how could you not draw them?

But, stopping … not for Cate. She decided to draw every chacracter on Agnes’ “Cuties” page. And, she did. But, those are posts for another day. 

P.S. Grace and I drew Agene’s characters from “Imagination Station, ” here.

And, now a word from Agnes Garbowska!

Wonder Woman!

Grace and I got a nice surprise today when artist and animator, Alisa Harris, agreed to draw with us this morning … and then had the art in about an hour later. Wow! Talk about a Wonder Woman! Grace had a lot of fun drawing the Princess of Power. I chose to use a Mike Sekowsky image from an old, old issue of Justice League of America for inspiration.

Alisa, we had a lot of fun with you today. Thanks for your incredible support. And, ya’ll, check out Alisa’s extremely varied and impressive body of work on her blog

UPDATED! A word from Alisa Harris:

Wonder Woman! by Katie Cook

This morning started by opening an e-mail to find a gorgeous drawing of Wonder Woman by the mega talented illustrator, Katie Cook! What a perfect way to start the day! Please do yourself a favor … click on the image to see it nice and large and take a look at how Katie built this image.

The girls and I met Katie at C2E2 this Sunday, and she could not have been nicer. I have to say, as a father, when someone takes time to not only talk to and be nice to your kids and then draws with them … well, that person is aces in your book. Great things are happening for Katie right now. And, I have a feeling it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out her work and her Web site: THANKS, KATIE!

The girls recently drew Wonder Woman, so we opted to do Wonder Girl. Cate and Grace had fun. I learned the painful lesson of 5 minutes. I loved my drawing until I was done and saw that poor Donna Troy seems to have been hit by the Ultra-Humanity’s brain bulging beam. Her forehead is HUGE! But, five minutes is five minutes. I had to leave it alone and post it. 🙂

Wonder Woman! by Grace (6) & Dad (Tim Miner)

Today,we flew to Chicago to see Grace and Cate’s great-grandmother and tomorrow … we’re swinging by the C2E2 comic convention downtown. The girls are looking forward to meeting lots of the artists and writers who have been part of 5MM … so we should have some fun photos up Monday.

In the meantime, here’s the venerable Diana Price by Gracie and me!


Wonder Woman! by Amelie (6), Isabella (6) & Lillie (8) & John Howard

Wow! It’s not just one Wonder Woman … by three! Oh, I’m talking about the three young ladies who rocked out these incredible renderings of Diana of Themyscira. Congrats to their dad, John Howard, for raising three budding artists.

You may not know John, but if you follow comics and comic book movies, I’m willing to bet you’ll remember the buzz he created a few years back when he created a poster of Megan Fox as Wonder Woman. Check out his site here –