Last Friday, Grace and I were honored to have some of our art featured on Jon Morris’ new Web site “Cornered.” In the vein of the Covered and RePaneled blogs, Cornered invites  artists to interpret the corner images of classic comics. Grace and I chose Defenders #42. And, Check out Jon’s awesome Web site at

Dad’s Doodles by … um… Dad (Tim Miner)

I was able to buy a pack of brush pens on sale … and I’m totally in love. So, I’ve been making a few 5 Minute Marvels on my own.

First up is a new costume for Valkyrie in response to an open request from 1979 Semi-Finalist’s Kelly Thompson. I happen to agree with her that it’s 2010 and … well … steel breast cups are out.

And, then I decided to explore the differences between DC’s Etrigan the Demon and Marvel’s Gargoyle. Turns out there aren’t many. But, I love them both.