Gracie’s Doodles – Bat-Man & Woodie

Grace fell behind a bit over the past few days and drew Bat-Man (LEGO Bat-Man) and Woody from “Toy Story.” She used a Disney instruction guide and did very well. I love Woody’s eyes and mouth.



Toy Story – Toy Trouble

It’s no secret that we adore Toy Story. In fact, the girls were worried that my Buzz Lightyear action figure was getting lonely, so they gave me a Jessee for Christmas. So, tonight, we drew inspiration from a Toy Story book with absolutely gorgeous art by Jean-Paul Orpinas. Grace’s Jesse is sweet … but I am really proud of Cate’s use of shape and attention to detail. Imagine if she actually drew wirh us more. 🙂

More Toy Story! by Grace (6) & Dad

Grace wanted to draw more Toy Story characters… and it didn’t take much to twist my arm. I really think she’s doing great work. Jesse’s eyes have terrific expression and she did the alien in, like, three minutes. Awesome.

Buzz & Woody! by Grace (6) & Dad

Thanks to the lazy days of summer, Grace and I have been drawing but not posting. That ends here! In honor of Toy Story 3, which we have not seen yet, Grace wanted to take on the bestest buddies in the universe, Woody & Buzz Lightyear.

I really love the work Grace did on Woody’s face. And, she’s really starting to understand the use of shapes in drawing. She defined Buzz’s head as a “peanut shape” and Woody as a “pickle.”Good stuff. We’re spending the summer working on sketching first with shapes. She’s off to a good start.