Gen! (from The Unsinkable Walker Bean)

No graphic novel I read in 2010 captured my imagination like Aaron Renier’s “The Unsinkable Walker Bean.” Unlike so many comics which fit snugly into “adult” or “children’s” categories, Walker Bean is a truly all-ages book — offering something for readers of ever age, from thrilling “Harry Potteresque” adventures to beautiful art punctuated by breathtaking colors. But, what keeps the reader coming back are amazing, well-realized characters. And, for a girl who has a mom with beautiful red hair, Gen, the pirate girl with two sabres, a hair trigger temper and big, wide open heart …  it was a natural for Grace to want to draw her. I think Grace really captured Gen’s constant look of skepticism and aggression.

Do yourself a favor … stop reading this and go check out Aaron Renier’s Web site forthwith: