Experimenting with Color

At C2E2 earlier this year, we met artist Katie Cook and bought the charming Thing/Human Torch card here. It’s been up on the bulletin board next to the drafting table Grace and I share and she drew inspiration from it last week.

We’ve been trying to learn about different drafting styles/techniques lately, and this was a good example. Grace laid down the color shape first and then went back and added the detail, just as Katie did here. Grace was very proud of this work. Sorry the Torch’s dialogue baloon cuts off. That’s the edge of the paper. 🙂 Happy New Year!

And, to see more of Katie’s work, visit http://katiecandraw.typepad.com/


The Thing! by Cate, Grace and Tim Miner

Tonight’s funny … Cate drew the Thing and said, “I gave him a space helmet.” Look at the brilliance. She just instinctively knew that Stan and Jack initially designed the ever-lovin’, blue-eyed Thing with a helmet. The kid’s a comics prodigy. As for Grace … she and I had a long talk about how to draw rocks. Magic father/daughter moments.