A Word from Grace & Cate on our 2nd Anniversary!

We are proud to say that today is our second anniversary on 5 Minute Marvels! It’s been a long way, baby from our first drawing of Quicksilver on 2/22/10 … and Grace and Cate have something to say to you and to all our pals who have drawn with us …

Our second anniversary was all the sweeter learning about Cartoon Network’s plans for a series of DC Nation Shorts … including Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld by Brianne Drouhard (creator of Billie the Unicorn!) and Super Best Friends Forever led by Lauren Faust of My Little Pony & Milky Way & The Galaxy Girls fame. A show about teenaged Supergirl, Wonder Girl and Batgirl … !?!? We can’t wait. Thanks, Cartoon Network, for understanding that girls love comics, too! So … we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate two years than to draw.

Baby Wonder Woman & Supergirl!

So, Cate’s a bit obsessive. When she jumps into a thing … or back into a thing as she has with 5MM, she does so full bore. Such was the case last night, which started out as “I wanna draw Captain America as a baby.” Google Images handily pointed us to Agnes Garbowska’s Deviant Art page: http://evilwabbit.deviantart.com/gallery/6526935 |
They’re so amazing and so cute, how could you not draw them?

But, stopping … not for Cate. She decided to draw every chacracter on Agnes’ “Cuties” page. And, she did. But, those are posts for another day. 

P.S. Grace and I drew Agene’s characters from “Imagination Station, ” here.

And, now a word from Agnes Garbowska!

Tiny Titans!

Grace got a Tint Titans book at the library featuring the incredible work of Art Baltazar and his team at Electric Milk creations … so, to the pencils we flew to draw Wonder Girl and Super Girl!

Check out Art’s fantastic work here — http://www.artbaltazar.com/