I know there’s a lot of mixed emotions out there about the Wonder Twins, but how can there be anything but love, love, love for their precocious little pet, Gleek? Okay, I know how. He’s totally annoying.

But, to a little girl who enjoys the softer and more colorful corners of the superhero universe … blue alien monkeys are da bomb! Grace had fun with this one and I think she nailed Gleek’s mischievous smile.

Apache Chief! by Cate (4) & Dad (Tim)

I must confess to having a softspot for Apache Cheif, Black Vulcan and Samurai from Superfriends. So, I jumped when they released action figures of this hapless trio at Christmastime. Cate saw Apache Cheif and had t draw him … and Grace, well … not in the mood to draw tonight.