Marina (After J Bone)

Waaaaaayyyy back in October, Grace and I received an unexpected honor. J Bone left a comment here and referenced our sketches of his brilliant Marvel High concept on his Facebook page: What? A dad and his daughter found my Marvel High drawing (from 2007) and used it for one of their Five Minute Marvel posts! Cool! 

We were very flattered and have since gone back to his blog — a treasure trove of coolness – regularly. Recently, we were inspired by his fun, playful take on Marina, a character created by John Byrne, who has often been played as a melancholy psycho … and the bride of equally broody and unpleasant Prince Namor, the Sub Mariner. But, why couldn’t she be lighter? I, for one, love the idea.

Namora – The Sea Beauty!

We had a request from our buddy Jen Richards, the Mockingnerd, for Namora, cousin of Prince Namor — The Sub Mariner. Recently, she’s resumed an active role in the Marvel Universe as a member of the Agents of ATLAS. Thanks, Jeff Parker, for finding a role for this classic character from the golden age of comics.

Grace and I opted for her original design by Ken Bald and Syd Shores. We hope you enjoy.

P.S. I must admit … I really had a hard time with her hands on this one. The clock was not my friend.

Namor! by George (10), Erin (23), Mom & Maddy Wahl (16)

This one was a real treat for me … and I for you, too. Four sketches of Marvel’s Namor the Sub-Mariner … a character who, along with the Human Torch, established the modern Marvel universe. There is a lot to love in this offering from the Wahl family … from George’s playful “Speedo” on Namor’s trunks to Sue Storm on the Fish-O-Vision in Erin’s to the power of Mom’s and, let’s face it, the fantastic composition and talent Maddy used. And, from what I can tell from her e-mail, Maddy was the instigator of this sketch session … and her passion shows. Methinks we have not heard the last of the talented Ms. Wahl.

Wow. Seriously. What can I say.  THIS is why we started 5 Minute Marvels. Thanks, Maddy. It was a privilege to put this up. Don’t be a stranger! PEOPLE, PLEASE TREAT YOURSELF & CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO EXPAND IT!