Art with Friends

So, a few of our pals got caught up in our little hiatus. The first is this incredible Spider-Man sketch by 5-year-old, Charlie Breedlove. Charlie’s mom, Jessica, has an amazing site called where she puts her spin on children’s drawins to transform them into works of art. You need to stop and check it out here!

Charlie is a chip off the old block.

And, now a word from Jessica Breedlove!

The second is a little sketch sent in by my buddy, Father Josua Bowron, who proves that priests can be geeks, too … and tremendous Dave Sim fans.


“Spider-Man No More!” — Thumbrpint Style

As you can see, we’ve been having a lot of fun with the Ed Emberley fingerprint cartoons … me probably more than anyone else. I was inspired to create a “thumbs-eye view” of the classic Amazing Spider-Man #50 by the great John Romita, Sr. I really had fun with it, but now that I’ve finished, I want to redo it … “thumbday” soon.

Sketchin’ – Angry Birds, Peter Porker & Spidey

After surviving an extremely long day, my good friend Josh Bowron (keeper of the Discernland blog) capped it off with car trouble. So, I gave him a lift and we enjoyed a quick beer while sketching with his young son, Henry. And here are the results …

Angry Birds by Henry

Peter Porker – The Spectacular Spider-Ham by Josh

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man by Dad

The Black Cat!

I love Dan Slott’s writing. He had me at “hello” with the two first attempts at “The Sensational She-Hulk” with Juan Bobillo and Paul Pelletier. I bought all issues of his criminally short “Thing” series. And, I was onboard 100% with “New Avengers: The Initiative” for the entire ride. So, his “Big Time” storyline has me back with Spider-Man for the first time in many years. And, with that was the reminder that I really love the character of Felicia Hardy, The Black Cat … well, I should classify that. I love the idea of the Black Cat as a foil for Spider-Man. And, I dig the idea of a character who lives right on the edge of heroine/villainess and who adventures more as a lark than a calling.

I’m not a huge fan of the hyper-sexuality modern writers and artists have placed on Felicia … but she was a lot of fun to draw. And, I think she has amazing potential as a well-rounded character. Plus, Grace rocked this one out, if I do say so myself.

UPDATE! A word from Dan Slott:

Spidey! by the Wahl Family

Hold on tight, True Believers! The amazingly fun and talanted Wahl family is back with this amazing ode to your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! And, while all of it is fantastic, you have to admit … someday you’re going to be reading comic drawn by Maddy Wahl! Here’s here lead in to this art:

“We got quite a few for you today. My birthday was like a month ago and I got my family and some of my friends to all get together and draw Spider-Man with me! (Ultimate of course. He’s my favorite! (: ) I’ve been savin Spidey for something really special and I was not disappointed.   We got 10 whole adorabible Spider-Men… Nar, too tired to describe all o’ them but from Dad’s bearded Spider-Man, to Erin’s chicken eatin’ Spider-Man, to Brieanna’s Spidey chillin’ with bats, nannerpusses, and gosh knows what else,  they all awesome.”

The Green Goblin! by Grace (6) & Dad

Grace wanted to go with a classic Spider-Man villain tonight … the Green Goblin. (Or, “Gobby,” as ol’ Spidey likes to say.) I can say with every ounce of humility, Grace blew me away on this one. Her Goblin is great. Mine looks like he has cauliflaur ear. 🙂

Spider Iron Man! by Spencer (8) & Heather Armstrong

Imaginative new art from Spencer Armstrong and his mom. Here’s the story behind the art:

I ran across your “5-minute marvels” on a blog ( ) a few days ago and thought my son would love it. He is always drawing his favorite characters at home, at school, in the car, at restaurants…you get the idea. Anyway, I shared your project with him and he loved it. He decided to come up with a Spiderman/Ironman hybrid after seeing Captain Turtle on your site. He loved the idea of blending characters.

Nice work, Spencer! Send in more! And, if anyone else has an idea for an amalgam hero … SEND THEM IN!

A Grace Miner Classic: Spider-Man Ballet!

I am out of town tonight, so I wasn’t able to draw with the girls in person and scan the art. But, I do have this little gem to share … a drawing of Spider-Man as a dancer Grace drew about four months ago while Cate was in ballet class.

Spider-Man by Riley (5), Keagan (9), Tamara & Brad McKinney

And, the aware for togetherness goes to … the McKinney Family!

Wow. This submission is the truest expression of what 5 Minute Marvels is all about … and entire family drawing the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man together. Fantastic. I can’t wait to see the next one.

Spider-Man! by Savannah (2 1/2) & Dad (Ben Cohen)

A note from Ben:

“In the left section there is an isolated layering of circular shapes. That is his finger. The large mass of webbing, that is his
mask, which has a central point in the lower right…take your pick (we think of this as the spot between his eyes). In this webbing are darker, tight squiggles and an outlined spidy-eye. These are all his eyes…much more spider like then your typical two.”

Firestar! by Cate (4) & Dad … and, ASPEN! by Grace (6)

Tonight, while the Locke family took on Spider-Man, Cate and I decided to draw another member of the Amazing Friends Trio … Firestar! (I know I’m her dad, but I really do love Cate’s mask on Firestar.) Poor Iceman is feeling left out.

Grace wasn’t feeling superheroish tonight, so she decided to draw our dog, Aspen … who is a hero in her own right. And, the name in the bone IS inspired.

FIRST GUEST POST: Spider-Man by Matthew and Matt

Wa-hoo! This is a first on 5 Minute Marvels! Fellow blogger, Matt McGloin, and his son, Matthew, contributed this fantastic depiction of your Friendly Neighborhood Web Slinger. Matt has a great blog dedicated to the cosmic side of comics.  Check it out at!