Happy Birthday, Kelly!


Almost two years ago, when we were trying to get a fledgling little Web site called 5 Minute Marvels going, Grace and I came by someone who would go on to be a cheerful supporter of ours and a trusted friend — Kelly Thompson of Comics Should Be Good! and 3 Chicks Review Comics. She’s been our biggest supporter and a ready ear for many, many ideas.

In honor of hir birthday — and her devotion to strong women in comics — we draw more Jack Kirby creations, Big Barda and the Female Furies. (Psst! Kelly, all of them have high collars … just for you.) We drew two Bardas for her — helmet and no helmet.

And, Cate wanted in on the act, too. She’s on a kick drawing characters from the Little Mr. and Little Ms. books … so here’s Little Miss Birthday! (Yes. She’s a real character.)


The Super Skrull!

Last week, we learned of Logan Riley, an artist who has dedicated himself to drawing a new comic book character every day out of his love of comics and desire to improve his skills. Well, that’s a noble pursuit we can appreciate around here. You can check out Logan’s art at http://literarybandit.wordpress.com/

I contacted him and he suggested we draw a Kirby Klassic — The Super Skrull. And, away we go!

Here’s Logan’s!

Squid Girl!

If you’ve spent any time exploring the world of Web comics, you’ve likely come across the rich world of Denver Burbaker’s Tales of a Checkered Man. Denver’s work ethic is amazing and his site is a shining example that Web comics are an art form all themselves. Frankly, it’s nothing short of inspirational.

Another impressive aspect of Denver’s site is his incredibly robust fan art section, which features new installments every Friday. That’s mad love, people. Mad love. So Grace and I decided to join in with our renditions of Squid Girl!