Rogue! by Cate, Grace, Tim … and Kelly Thompson!

Grace and Cate’s new bestest internet buddy, Kelly Thompson, put a wonderful story about the girls and 5 Minute Marvel’s on her supercool blog, 1979 Semi-Finalist, today. Thanks so much, Kelly!

Kelly’s a talented writer. Check out her site … visit early and often. And, you can catch her column, She Has No Head!, over at Comics Should be Good.

Best of all … Kelly joined in the fun with this cool drawing of the X-Men’s Southern Powerhouse, Rogue. P.S. Looking at Cate’s drawing, you may be tempted to think Rogue is really religious. Not so. She has a shock of white hair that Cate interpreted to be “a star.” But, after drawing, Cate said, “I was too tired to draw a star. So, I drew a cross.” So, there you go.