Dad’s Doodles – Peanuts/BPRD Mashup

Francesco Francavilla is one of our oldest friends at 5 Minute Marvels and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch how his career has grown over the last few years. Even with the darkest of subjects, Francesco has a playful spirit in his art — I think that’s what the Big Two have seen and fans respond to in his work. So, when I saw his Peanuts/BPRD mashups on Comics Alliance yesterday, I was compelled to join in the fun with my takes on Marcie/Lobster Johnson & Franklin/Andrew Devon. See Francesco’s incredible art here!  

And, now, a word from Francesco!



400th Post – Snoopy & Woodstock with the Z Kids!

It’s hard to believe, but this is our 400th post on 5 Minute Marvels. It’s a been a long, but incredibly fun trip for us. And, along the way, Grace, Cate and I have made many friends and drawn with some amazing artists.

So, it’s very fitting that we draw tonight with children’s book author and illustrator, Aaron Zenz, and his talented children — the Z Kids. We were sadly unaware of their work until recently, but Aaron, Isaac, Gracie, Lily, Elijah and Evie have made beautiful art together for five years on their blog Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty. And, they review children’s books together on Bookie Wookie. Fantastic stuff, guys! Keep it up.

And, to celebrate the big 4-0-0, our drawing represents four generations – Grace and Cate, Grandpa, Great Grandma (AKA Diddy) and Dad. Here’s to 400 more!

Dad’s Doodles – DC Women as Famous Funnies Females

Earlier this week, I was joking with Joel Carroll on Twitter about using Sluggo from “Nancy” to create “Lil’ O.M.A.C.” After that, I got a yen to draw famous DC heroines as classic comics characters. Little Lulu as Wonder Woman, Lucy Van Pelt (from Peanuts) as Black Canary (don’t forget BC’s blonde hair is a wig, too) and Nancy as Big Barda. And, I dedicate it to my friends, Kelly, Maddy and Sue at 3 Chicks Review Comics.

It was a lot of fun aping the styles of comics legends John Stanley, Charles Schultz and Ernie Bushmiller.