Happy Birthday, Kelly!


Almost two years ago, when we were trying to get a fledgling little Web site called 5 Minute Marvels going, Grace and I came by someone who would go on to be a cheerful supporter of ours and a trusted friend — Kelly Thompson of Comics Should Be Good! and 3 Chicks Review Comics. She’s been our biggest supporter and a ready ear for many, many ideas.

In honor of hir birthday — and her devotion to strong women in comics — we draw more Jack Kirby creations, Big Barda and the Female Furies. (Psst! Kelly, all of them have high collars … just for you.) We drew two Bardas for her — helmet and no helmet.

And, Cate wanted in on the act, too. She’s on a kick drawing characters from the Little Mr. and Little Ms. books … so here’s Little Miss Birthday! (Yes. She’s a real character.)



Jack Kirby Saturday! by Cate (4), Grace (6) & Dad (36)

It was my pick tonight … so I went to some of my favorite characters … the residents of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World. And, for kids, Kirby is fantastic … bold shapes, lots of contrasting light and dark and very interesting and colorful characters. The girls both said their favorite part was drawing Big Bear’s crazy hair …