Coraline! with Captain Chants

Since we launched 5 Minute Marvels,, Grace, Cate and I have met and drawn with some amazing artists. And, every once in a while, you see work you fall in love at first sight. And, so it was with the work of Captain Chants, AKA Chantal El-Bikai, an extremely talented artist from the UK. Her work radiates personality and warmth and puts a modern spin on a very classic style. But, don’t listen to me, visit her site and see it for yourself: or follow her on Twitter:!/CaptainChants

We drew Neil Gaiman’s Coraline with Chantal and look forward to more of her art for years to come!

Here’s some great advice from The Captain: Never give up!  If you love drawing (or anything else for that matter) then ALWAYS draw.  Look at other people’s work and get inspired.  Don’t get too bogged down in finding a “style” – that will come later.  If it makes you happy, keep on doing it and try to challenge yourself. ^_^

And, a bonus sketch from Chantal … Hermione Granger!