The Outsiders!

For my birthday, Grace generously offered to let me take a trip down memory lane and draw The Outsiders. I remember very clearly visiting family for Christmas when I was about 12 or so. I was immediately drawn to my cousin Sean’s copy of  36. I was familiar with Metamorpho, but not the work of Alan Davis. It was a comic style unlike anything I’d seen before and I was entranced immediately. Since that day, I’ll buy anything the man touches. Anything. He is a master. He makes the oddest character in any pantheon amazing. Just look at this cover! You wanna read it right now, don’t you? So do I. I’m going to get my copy … which I convinced my cousin to let go of in 1986.


The Element Girl!

If you haven’t found your way to the nexus of internet awesomeness created by “Calamity Jon” Morris … well … shame on you. Go there now and, maybe, there’s a chance you can be saved:

Jon also started a fantastic compliment to Covered, entitled, Cornered, where Jon and guests (including Grace and me) pay homage to the the corner cover art of yesteryear. (Man, I miss it!)

Jon’s been a pal and agreed to draw a fun character from the Silver Age of comics … The Element Girl. Yep, a female Metamorpho, folks. Enjoy.

Metamorpho! by Grace (6) & Dad

When I was young, my dad brought me a giant box of old comics my uncles and he had collected. There was lots of goodness in there. And, it fired my imagination. One of my favorites from the box, was the colorful Metamorpho, the Element Man. I’ve been dying to draw this one. You can read about him here:

Proud father moment #5,367. Grace drew and colored her picture and then excalaimed, “I forgot to ink it!” She promptly went back and added thick black lines. They obscure some of the delicate work she did on this, but the fact that we have progressed to her understanding that comics start with pencils and proceed to inks and colors … well, she’s getting serious, folks.

Cate is still on strike. 🙂