Dad’s Doodle – Buster Keaton, Alcatraz & Texas Twister

The girls didn’t really want to draw last night, but I did a little doodling on my lunch break and while watching a little TV …

Inspired by Scott C’s great showdowns, I drew Buster Keaton vs. a Build-Your-Own-House-Kit in “One Week” …

The cast of “Alcatraz” …

And, for Brendan Tobin, Ed Emberley versions of Texas Twister & Shooting Star …

She’s Alive … ALIVE!!!!!

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 7 weeks since we last posted here. This is the longest hiatus we’ve ever taken … and the girls and I have missed you.

But, sometimes life is telling you to slow down a bit and just listen. With adjustments to first and third grade homework expectations (the girls, not me), ballet and gymnastics (the girls again), worky work (hey, that’s me!) and just trying to maintain Mom’s sanity in relation to the afore mentioned stuff, we decided to take it easy. But, we continued to draw … and here’s some evidence.

We’re back on it again and invite you to start swinging back by for new 5 Minute Marvels!

Hawkeye & Mockingbird!

One of the real joys of this blog is that the girls and I have met some people we really like. One of them is up and coming artist, Jordan Gibson!/superbatgibson).

After seeing his work on Project: Rooftop, we drew Red Robin with Jordan a few months ago. He has an incredible style that’s modern, while recalling the simple joy and color of the classic age of comics. Bright times ahead for him.

Grace and I were thrilled to meet Jordan at HeroesCon last week. He shared a booth with another of our favorites, Dean Trippe. Jordan drew the incredible Hawkeye and Mockingbird below for Grace … and it turned out to be his first con comission ever. We were honored! So we drew Mockingbird, too.

The Black Cat!

I love Dan Slott’s writing. He had me at “hello” with the two first attempts at “The Sensational She-Hulk” with Juan Bobillo and Paul Pelletier. I bought all issues of his criminally short “Thing” series. And, I was onboard 100% with “New Avengers: The Initiative” for the entire ride. So, his “Big Time” storyline has me back with Spider-Man for the first time in many years. And, with that was the reminder that I really love the character of Felicia Hardy, The Black Cat … well, I should classify that. I love the idea of the Black Cat as a foil for Spider-Man. And, I dig the idea of a character who lives right on the edge of heroine/villainess and who adventures more as a lark than a calling.

I’m not a huge fan of the hyper-sexuality modern writers and artists have placed on Felicia … but she was a lot of fun to draw. And, I think she has amazing potential as a well-rounded character. Plus, Grace rocked this one out, if I do say so myself.

UPDATE! A word from Dan Slott:

Spitfire Challenge!

The Wahl/Kelly/Miner challenge rolls on. My pick tonight – – Spitfire. I have loved this characters since digging back issues of “The Invaders” out of flea market 25 cent boxes as a kid.

The idea that superheroes were instrumental in the Allies winning WWII fascinated me (and still does). And, it gave rise to a number of characters, like Ms. Spitfire here, who live on in the Marvel Universe. (Except, sadly, the Crusaders. :))

It didn’t take much convining with Maddy, Erin and George … and comic magic was made! And, big congrats to Maddy on being accepted into three art schools!