LEGO Superheroes by Clark!

More awesome art from one of Grace’s friends! How amazing is that LEGO Angel!?!?!


Dad’s Doodle – Buster Keaton, Alcatraz & Texas Twister

The girls didn’t really want to draw last night, but I did a little doodling on my lunch break and while watching a little TV …

Inspired by Scott C’s great showdowns, I drew Buster Keaton vs. a Build-Your-Own-House-Kit in “One Week” …

The cast of “Alcatraz” …

And, for Brendan Tobin, Ed Emberley versions of Texas Twister & Shooting Star …

She’s Alive … ALIVE!!!!!

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 7 weeks since we last posted here. This is the longest hiatus we’ve ever taken … and the girls and I have missed you.

But, sometimes life is telling you to slow down a bit and just listen. With adjustments to first and third grade homework expectations (the girls, not me), ballet and gymnastics (the girls again), worky work (hey, that’s me!) and just trying to maintain Mom’s sanity in relation to the afore mentioned stuff, we decided to take it easy. But, we continued to draw … and here’s some evidence.

We’re back on it again and invite you to start swinging back by for new 5 Minute Marvels!

Hawkeye & Mockingbird!

One of the real joys of this blog is that the girls and I have met some people we really like. One of them is up and coming artist, Jordan Gibson!/superbatgibson).

After seeing his work on Project: Rooftop, we drew Red Robin with Jordan a few months ago. He has an incredible style that’s modern, while recalling the simple joy and color of the classic age of comics. Bright times ahead for him.

Grace and I were thrilled to meet Jordan at HeroesCon last week. He shared a booth with another of our favorites, Dean Trippe. Jordan drew the incredible Hawkeye and Mockingbird below for Grace … and it turned out to be his first con comission ever. We were honored! So we drew Mockingbird, too.

The Black Cat!

I love Dan Slott’s writing. He had me at “hello” with the two first attempts at “The Sensational She-Hulk” with Juan Bobillo and Paul Pelletier. I bought all issues of his criminally short “Thing” series. And, I was onboard 100% with “New Avengers: The Initiative” for the entire ride. So, his “Big Time” storyline has me back with Spider-Man for the first time in many years. And, with that was the reminder that I really love the character of Felicia Hardy, The Black Cat … well, I should classify that. I love the idea of the Black Cat as a foil for Spider-Man. And, I dig the idea of a character who lives right on the edge of heroine/villainess and who adventures more as a lark than a calling.

I’m not a huge fan of the hyper-sexuality modern writers and artists have placed on Felicia … but she was a lot of fun to draw. And, I think she has amazing potential as a well-rounded character. Plus, Grace rocked this one out, if I do say so myself.

UPDATE! A word from Dan Slott:

Spitfire Challenge!

The Wahl/Kelly/Miner challenge rolls on. My pick tonight – – Spitfire. I have loved this characters since digging back issues of “The Invaders” out of flea market 25 cent boxes as a kid.

The idea that superheroes were instrumental in the Allies winning WWII fascinated me (and still does). And, it gave rise to a number of characters, like Ms. Spitfire here, who live on in the Marvel Universe. (Except, sadly, the Crusaders. :))

It didn’t take much convining with Maddy, Erin and George … and comic magic was made! And, big congrats to Maddy on being accepted into three art schools!

First Drawing of the Year: Shadowcat!

So, we’re starting the year by delivering on a debt. Weeks ago, I promised a young lady in Greensboro that Grace and I would draw Kitty Pryde. So, Carly, here you go. I wanted to draw the classic blur Shadowcat costume and Grace was enchanted by Katie Cook’s drawing of Shadowcat as cat here.

And, to prove that we’re about sketching and having fun and not perfectionism, check this out. Umm … unless Kitty’s mutant power is having her thumbs on the opposite side of her hand, I kinda’ messed that up. 🙂

Captain(s) Marvel! by Grace (7) & Dad

Grace and I love to see what the boys over at ComicTWART are going to draw this week. And, today, they started C.C. Beck’s Captain Marvel (or Shazam!, as you may know him). He was up in our rotation, so it was perfect timing.

But, having already drawn Marvel’s Monica Rambeau version of Captain Marvel, we decided to draw a few of the 56,736 characters who have born the Captain Marvel name … including this silly version.

Dad’s Doodles by … um… Dad (Tim Miner)

I was able to buy a pack of brush pens on sale … and I’m totally in love. So, I’ve been making a few 5 Minute Marvels on my own.

First up is a new costume for Valkyrie in response to an open request from 1979 Semi-Finalist’s Kelly Thompson. I happen to agree with her that it’s 2010 and … well … steel breast cups are out.

And, then I decided to explore the differences between DC’s Etrigan the Demon and Marvel’s Gargoyle. Turns out there aren’t many. But, I love them both.

Art-O-Rama! Drawing with Your Buddies

It’s been a few days since Grace, Cate (YES! She’s back!) and I last posted, but we’ve been busy.

Last week and this, Wednesday brought us comics from our friends Jim McCann ( & David Lopez on Hawkeye & Mockingbird and Chris Samnee (  on Thor: The Mighty Avenger.

And, Evan Shaner ( created an awesome Mary Marvel on his blog. So, Grace and I decided to draw for our buddies. And, Dan McDaid, my fellow lover of all things Kirby and Doctor Who (seriously, he and I were seperated at birth) proposed the Sandman for

Away we go!

Kudos to Jim and David for breathing new life into two characters who have lived on the fringe of the Marvel U. for many years. I have always loved the Phantom Rider (Long live the Rangers!), but Dominic Fortune … not so much … until now. Jim and David have made him the Han Solo of the Marvel spy game … and I look forward to his brief appearances almost as much as I do for Hawkeye & Mockingbird — my two favorite comics characters. That’s some feat.

And, what can I say about the majesty that is Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Marvel’s new Thor book for reads of all ages? I know … BUY IT! Daniel Von Eggidy at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find (our comic shop in Charlotte, NC) called it “Frank Capra’s Thor.” Man is he right. From Chris’ playful art, to the lush colors by Matt Wilson and writing by Roger Langridge, this book is everything that got me into comics into the first place. It just has a great heart. And, that’s somewhat hard to find in comics these days.

This week, a fave — Ant-Man — showed up to battle, then befriend Thor. So, we drew. Grace knows Ant-Man’s helmet is silver, but she got to use the “grown up” black marker to ink her work … and she took full advantage.

And, finally, Evan “Doc” Shaner — the world’s most passionate fan of Fawcett/DC’s Captain Marvel — put an awesome drawing of Mary Marvel up at We were inspired. Grace’s Mary looks a little weary, but I love the way she drew Mary’s eyes … and she spent a lot of time on the hair.

Over at, the weekly theme is The Sandman … and how many choices there are. Most of the TWARTers have gone with the DC hero, Sandman — a great choice. But, I think Dan McDaid, who proposed Sandman, was leaning toward the Marvel villain Sandman. So, we chose to go in that direction and to draw him in his late 60s/early 70s costume designed by Jack Kirby. Ah, feel the Kirby Krackle!

I know I’m partial to her work, but I love Grace’s Sandman here. He just looks like so much fun to be around … like a day at the beach. (Oh, that was a truly poor choice of words …)

Doctor Doom! by Jen Richards, Kevin Spooner, Grace (7) & Dad

THUS SPEAKS DOOM – Tim Miner is Rude!

Our Web buddies, Jen Richards (AKA @Mockingnerd), the world’s most adorable Brit/artist/marine biologist, and Kevin Spooner (AKA @TheBlackSwan), the world’s coolest cosplayer/engineer/rock god sent us these cool images of Latveria’s own Victor Von Doom … and we drew … and scanned … and forgot.

Sorry guys, but hope you dig this!

Hawkeye … and, um, Hawkeye! by Grace (7) & Dad

So, this one’s at the request of our buddy, Phil, at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, our hometown comic shop and organizers of the awesome HereosCon show in Charlotte, N.C.

In honor of Jim McCann and David Lopez’s “Hawkeye & Mockingbird” #2 hitting the shelves yesterday, Phil asked for Hawkeye. (Please. Twist our arms.) So we doubled up with the Clint Barton and Kate Bishop versions. Enjoy!

Mister Hyde! by Grace (7) & Dad

In honor of our Pal Chris Samnee’s new all-ages Marvel book, Thor: The Mighty Avenger, coming out today, Grace and I drew Thor’s opponent in the book — the super ugly, Mister Hyde. Nothing is more fun than drawing a villain with poor dental hygene.

Check out Chris’ amazing Thor sketches over at his blog, And, BUY THE BOOK!

And, since Chris asked fans to send him photos of them picking up the book, we decided to do a little video …

Jack of Hearts! by Grace (6) & Dad

Grace wasn’t so much into self-portraits, but she DID want to take on Jack of Hearts, an (sniff sniff) dead Marvel character from the Avengers. I was never a huge fan, but did grow to really like the character when Geoff Johns wrote him … just before he died. Now, Grace and I are hoping for a miraculous return.

And, I have to say, this represents some of Grace’s best work to date. She is really getting much stronger with facial details.

Volstagg the Voluminous! by Cate (4), Grace (6), Dad & JIM MCCANN!

All I can say is  … WOW! Jim McCann, writer of Marvel’s upcoming Hawkeye & Mockingbird series and the world’s foremost Dazzler fan, sent in this drawing of the chubbiest viking from the pages of Thor … Volstagg the Voluminous! Dig it! The girls lover drawing the beard. Thanks, Mr. McCann! Follow Jim on Twitter here!

Wolverine! by Jordan (8) & Steve (44)

A 5 Minute Marvel first! Jordan and Steve found the site while cruising the InterWeb … and turned in this drawing of the ferocious X-Man … Wolverine! Guys, I love the cross-hatching work. I hope this is the first of many.

She-Hulk! by Cate (4), Grace (6) & Cate

Grace and Cate were a little preterbed by fact that the Jade Giantess looked a little mean in the Avengers Hankbooks, so decided to go for the “Not So Savage She-Hulk” … Grace: “She’s just looks too angry …”

Ken Hale – The Gorilla Man! by Cate (4), Grace (6) & Dad

It was Cate’s pic tonight and one glimpse of Gorilla Man in the Travolta Suit on Paul Tobin’s Web site was all it took — and, we all decided to give poor, Mr. Hale a snaggle tooth. Don’t ask why.

Dazzler! by Cate (4), Grace (6) and Dad

Grace and Cate want to dedicate this drawing to Jim McCann and the faithful Glitterati who keep the fires of Alison Blaire burning brightly. (All I had to do to get the girls to pick Ms. Dazzler was to whisper three little words … Disco Ball Necklace)!

Galactus! by Alexa (2 1/2) & Matt (AKA Dad)

Another fantastic contribution! This time from moderator of Comic Blog Elite and creator of Division 18, Matt Bergin, and his daughter, Alexa. The power cosmic is strong with this one! Matt, you’re gettin’ that girl off to a terrific start!

Captain Marvel! by Cate (4), Grace (6) and Dad

Tonight was my night to pick, so I went back to one of my favorite … and criminally underutilized … Marvel characters, Monica Rambeau … Captain Marvel. (Yes. I refuse to call her “Photon.”)

FIRST GUEST POST: Spider-Man by Matthew and Matt

Wa-hoo! This is a first on 5 Minute Marvels! Fellow blogger, Matt McGloin, and his son, Matthew, contributed this fantastic depiction of your Friendly Neighborhood Web Slinger. Matt has a great blog dedicated to the cosmic side of comics.  Check it out at!

The Thing! by Cate, Grace and Tim Miner

Tonight’s funny … Cate drew the Thing and said, “I gave him a space helmet.” Look at the brilliance. She just instinctively knew that Stan and Jack initially designed the ever-lovin’, blue-eyed Thing with a helmet. The kid’s a comics prodigy. As for Grace … she and I had a long talk about how to draw rocks. Magic father/daughter moments.

Two-Gun Kid by Cate, Grace and Tim Miner

Tonight it was my turn to pick, and I went with an old favorite – the Two-Gun Kid from Marvel’s old Western comics. Gracie decided to try her hand at sound effects with the pistols (and the “Giddyup!”). Cate “forgot to draw a head,” so she added over top of everything, even the hat … making poor Two-Gun look, well, rather like a tick. 🙂

UPDATED! The Beast by Cate, Gracie, Tim and Ken Miner

After Cate put the line on top of The Beast’s head, she said, “Now, he looks like a Lunch Lady…I mean, a Lunch Beast.” Then, she added a growl.

After seeing this post, a third generation jumped in! Grandpa Miner offered up his Don Martin-inspired take on everyone’s favorite furry Avenger.