Dad’s Doodles – Super Sailor Man

I’m not gonna’ lie … Evan Shaner (@docshaner) was very much in mind when I cobbled this together. 🙂


Lois Lane – Girl Reporter!

Oh, what could have been …

Dean Trippe has been a tremendous friend to us at 5 Minute Marvels. He is an incredible artist and a creator who sees the best in comics — the most wonderous, magical potential in comics. Potential that can reach the kid in all of us. I only wish the powers that be would realize what he could do for them.

Case in point … Lois Lane, Girl Reporter, a pitch Dean made to DC comics to bring the adventures of a teen Lois, Clark and Bruce to young adults. To read more about it, go here.

Well, DC may have passed on this (Grrr… shaking virtual fist in frustration), but we can dream about it. And, as Grace and I did, we can draw it, too. And, we can see Dean’s incredible work here and over at Project: Rooftop. Dean … we couldn’t love this more.

And, now a word from Dean Trippe!

Superman and Lois!

I am way, way, way too late in getting up this incredible art by our longtime friends and collaborators – Maddy, Erin and George. I’ve been so remiss, that they’ve gone and started their own blog … which is sure to packed with awesomeness. I am so excited for them and hope you’ll check out and favorite –

As for this art, this is what the guys have to say:

We billed this as our double-sized Valentine’s Day Spectacular, because we took ten minutes to draw two people, but we had so much fun drawing our subjects (and we cheated so much on the first set) that we did a second group of pictures, making this a QUADRUPLE-sized Valentine’s Spectacular of the only people we could possibly draw on Valentine’s Day: Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman.
Lois Lane is one of Erin’s favorite characters. Erin grew up wanting to be a reporter and Lois Lane was always a model of what she wanted to be.  It doesn’t hurt that Lois and Clark and the height of adorableness. Also, she thinks next year we should draw Big Barda and Mister Miracle.