Casper the Friendly Ghost! with Loston Wallace

We were excited today to receive a sketch of Caspar the Friendly Ghost … and a packet of awesome SWAG from NC illustrator, Loston Wallace, with whom we drew Krypto with recently.

Grace has been away for a few days and was ready to pick up the pencil and get cracking. Casper is a great character for artists learning to draw with shapes.

As for me, I decidpied to draw Atlas Comics’ knock-off of┬áCasper, Homer the Happy Ghost … complete with halo.

EXTRA BONUS! Loston was kind enough to send along some Krypto coloring books on which he worked and to include original doodles of Streaky the Supercat. Enjoy! And, check out

Legion of Super Pets! by Cate (4), Grace (6) & Dad (36)

Okay … so we took, like, 7 minutes on this one. It was my night to pick … but it didn’t take much arm-twisting. Today, the girls and I took on one of the silliest corners of the DC Universe … and one of my favorites as a child — the venerable Legion of Super Pets – Krytpto (Dog), Streaky (Cat), Comet (Horse), Beepo (Chimp) and Proty II (Umm … alien blob.) To learn more about them, click here and wiki yourself!