Power Girl!

Today, our buddy Joel Carroll received some much-deserved praise on Comics Alliance for his amazing work. It was exciting to see it.

PG has long been one of my favorite heroines … but for her sarcasm and pure love of being a superhero, not for her … ahem … assets. I’ve wanted to suggest Power Girl to my girls for a long time, but the right image just hasn’t presented itself. We’re trying to raise our girls without a seriously whacked out body image … and most depictions of PG don’t really help with that. Especially the – “Boob Window” in her costume.  Thanks, Joel! We had fun with this one!

Click here to see more of Joel’s work on his TumblR site!


Starman & Stargirl!

Several weeks ago, talented cartoonist and blogger Cathy Leamy approached us with an offer to draw Starman with us. So we decided to make it a family affair with three generations of cosmic heroes.

Cathy, thanks for drawing with us. It was a lot of fun. And, all you readers head over to Cathy’s site and enjoy her work — www.MetroKitty.com

UPDATE! A word from Kathy Leamy …

Holy Cow! Cate is Back!

Don’t fall out of your chair or anything, but while Grace was away at Girl Scouts, Cate wanted to bust of the DC Encyclopedia and draw. She chose Black Canary and set to work. “This is the best I can do!” she exclaimed with a sonic scream of her own. I love the pigtails on Dinah.