Dad’ Doodles – Pertwee-Era Who Monsters

My internet buddy and amazing artist, “Calamity” Jon Morris and I got chattin’ on Twitter about his recent Doctor Who monster sketches … and I said I’d take on some of the classics from the Third Doctor’s era. So, here’s an Ogron, Axon, Draconian, Auton, Silurian (or “Eocine” if you wanna’ get technical about it), Sea Devil and Alpha Centauri. Your move, Jon!

Captain Carrot with Jon Morris!

Tonight’s post combines two favorites … Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew and Calamity Jon Morris – the brilliant illustrator behind Cornered and DC Fifty Too (which, if you haven’t read … shame on ya’).

Jon’s been a friendly collaborator over the course of 5 Minute Marvels. When we suggested Captain Carrot … he already had one in the can he was planning to put on his own blog. How’s that for kismet? Hey, DC Comics, here’s a fantastic property to bring back! I had so much fun drawing Cap, I drew an extra picture of his magical partner, Alley-Kat-Abra.

Cornered … The Liberty League!

Artist Jon “Calamity” Morris runs one of our favorite comic art blogs out there — Cornered! To celebrate the Fourth, Jon put out a general call for patriotic entries and the Liberty League, featured in Marvel Premiere and The Invaders in the 70s, was calling out to be drawn. Featuring Timely Comics characters — The Thin Man, The Red Raven, Jack Frost, The Whizzer, Ms. America and The Patriot (as well as The Blue Diamond) — the League is one of those little corners of the Marvel U. just bursting with color and fun.

Visit Cornered to see great July 4 art from Jon, Michael Lynch, Brendan Tobin, Flynn Nichols and Brodie Brockie!

The Element Girl!

If you haven’t found your way to the nexus of internet awesomeness created by “Calamity Jon” Morris … well … shame on you. Go there now and, maybe, there’s a chance you can be saved:

Jon also started a fantastic compliment to Covered, entitled, Cornered, where Jon and guests (including Grace and me) pay homage to the the corner cover art of yesteryear. (Man, I miss it!)

Jon’s been a pal and agreed to draw a fun character from the Silver Age of comics … The Element Girl. Yep, a female Metamorpho, folks. Enjoy.

Cornered … AGAIN!

Grace and I have art up on Jon Morris’ terrific blog, Cornered!, again this week. In short order, this blog has posts of original art and has become one of our absolute favorites!

We decided to draw from What If #9 — the comic that gave birth to the idea that eventually grew into one of Marvel’s best creations over the last decade — AGENTS OF ATLAS!


Last Friday, Grace and I were honored to have some of our art featured on Jon Morris’ new Web site “Cornered.” In the vein of the Covered and RePaneled blogs, Cornered invites  artists to interpret the corner images of classic comics. Grace and I chose Defenders #42. And, Check out Jon’s awesome Web site at

Devil Dinosaur & Moon Boy! by Jon Morris, Grace (7) & Dad

Grace and I are the proud owners of the incredibe sketch of two of my favorite Kirby Kharacters of all time — Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy. They were rendered by the uber-talanted artist, Jon Morris, who drew them for a 30-days of Marvel he unertook on his blog — Best of all, there are several other works from this event available for an amazing $10 each at Jon’s Etsy store:

So, tonight … we drew. And, I think this is Grace’s best work yet. Grrrrrrrrrrr!