Gravity Falls

Like many of you, the girls and I have fallen head over heels for the newest Disney cartoon, Gravity Falls. With excellent vocal actors and amazing art direction that feels positively inspired by Schoolhouse Rock, it’s a must watch … and draw.

First up, is an awesome sketch of Mabel & Dipper by our buddy, Joe Hunter, whose work you can see here:

Here’s ours …

And, for kicks, Grace got in on the act to draw the evil gnomes …
(P.S. Cate is mad at me. She meant to write “I am a freak,” but, as she often reminds me of Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica, I had to leave it as “I am a frak.”)

And, if you’ve ever wanted to see gnomes puking rainbows, this is the show for you!

And, I threw in Wendy & Soos for good measure!


Joe Hunter’s Strongcat!

This kick-a$$ kitty from illustrator Joe Hunter has been on our “to do” list for a while … and tonight offered the perfect opportunities. Grace likes cats. I like hammers. And, who doesn’t like a hero who borrowed Jim Morrison’s pants?

Joe has a really fun blog called Ghost Bucket and a DeviantArt gallery drenched in awesome sauce. Joe finds the playful side of pop culture figures galore, not to mention his autobiographical journal comics. Check them out here.

Joe’s on Twitter at @Joe_Hunter