West Coast Avengers Nutcrackers!

One of the main reasons we haven’t posted much of late is that Grace was rehearsing for her dance group’s role in The Nutcracker. (She played a rat and a ginger snap.) This was her second year in the show and she had a complete blast. So, when I asked her what she wanted to draw tonight, she said, “Hawkeye … as a nutcracker.” What an awesome idea! So, I joined her by drawing the original lineup of the West Coast Avengers … as nutcrackers. 


War Machine! by Jacob and John Lindwall

Tonight, we were excited to receive art from a new father and son duo, Jacob (9) and John Lindwall. They chose to take on the grey and white majesty of Iron Man’s BFF, War Machine! Nice work, you two. We hope to see more from you for a long time yet to come.

Ed Emberley’s Faces!

Like a lot of children of the 70s and 80s, my education on drawing cartoons was largely shaped by the masterful Ed Emberley. I had five or six of his books, which break down the complex art of drawing bodies and faces into simple shapes and step-by-step instructions. I loved it.

So, naturally, as we’re working on both drawing with shapes and faces, Grace and I spent some time with Mr. Emberley’s books. She really took to it and was able to understand his lexicon. I decided to have some fun and draw the Avengers as Ed might have!

Spider Iron Man! by Spencer (8) & Heather Armstrong

Imaginative new art from Spencer Armstrong and his mom. Here’s the story behind the art:

I ran across your “5-minute marvels” on a blog ( http://www.liquidtreat.com/ ) a few days ago and thought my son would love it. He is always drawing his favorite characters at home, at school, in the car, at restaurants…you get the idea. Anyway, I shared your project with him and he loved it. He decided to come up with a Spiderman/Ironman hybrid after seeing Captain Turtle on your site. He loved the idea of blending characters.

Nice work, Spencer! Send in more! And, if anyone else has an idea for an amalgam hero … SEND THEM IN!

Black Widow! by Grace (6) & Dad

Cate wanted to take a break tonight, but Grace and I are getting ready for “Iron Man 2.” In interest of full disclosure, we took 7 minutes.

P.S. Our buddy, Kelly Thompson, regularly blogs about how much or how little the Black Widow’s costume is unzipped. I decided to be chaste, but open it up a little to be able to draw the cool zipper collar. Hope you approve, KT.

Iron Man! by Damon (8) & Adam Koford

Tonight, we received a surprise submission by Damon Koford and his father, Adam — AKA Ape Lad. Adam is an gifted cartoonist I have followed on the Web for many years … and I suspect you have, too. Adam is a fantastic example of someone who combines skill, technology and tenacity to make themselves a success. And, from Damon’s art below, it’s easy to see he’s a chip off the old block.

Adam has cranked out an impressive library of daily work with his Laugh-Out-Loud Cats strips for many years. The strip combines the nostalgia of Krazy Kat with modern, pop culture references to brilliant effect. I am most impressed at how fresh Adam has kept it. Okay … now look at the drawing below and then head over to Adam’s Hobotopia blog to check out the Cats yourself.

Iron Man! by Steven (9) & Uncle Mitch!

One of the coolest blogs out there … and one of the inspirations for this blog is Comic TWART! — a consortium of artists who met on Twitter and draw together on a weekly theme. Through my admiration of TWART, I have connected with Mitch Gerads, artist and writer of Johnny Recon. Click here to read more about Mitch’s awesome comic.

And, then check out the 5 Minute Marvel he did with his nephew, Steven, who lives in Japan. Awesome! Tony Stark would be proud, gentlemen! Draw again, boys, draw again!