Emily Lenox writes and draws a beautiful and engaging weekly diary comic at www.EmiTown.com. Emi’s art and insight are combined with truly creative panel structure and an effective use of two-tone coloring … which is a favorite style of mine. And, it’s earned her apt acclaim.

I showed the girls Emi’s “Army Cats” today and they loved them and wanted to draw. I think it’s one of our best collaborations to date.

Jersey Gods … and a Pizza! by Cate (5), Grace (6) & Dad

My pick last night, — so I went with the Kriby-infused characters of Jersey Gods, a comic by Dan McDaid and Glen Brunswick. This is a really fun comic and I highly recommend it. Jack Kirby creared his epic Fourth World comics in the 70s … and DC has fumbled about for years trying to figure out how to use them. Dan and Glen did it for them, with this modern, pop culture infused riff on Kirby’s creations. This is an homage that takes on a life of its own. And, the characters are fun to draw, too.

 Grace and I were excited … Cate started, and then decided to draw a pizza instead. Have fun.

And, check out Dan’s Web site here: http://danmcdaid.blogspot.com/

Atom Eve! by Ryan Cody

One of the sites that inspired the creation of 5 Minute Marvels was Daily Sketchjam!, a fantastic blog featuring daily work by Ryan Cody and several others. We have admired Ryan’s work for a long time and had a ball drawing Atom Eve!, a heroine from the Invincible series by Robert Kirkman. Artists say, “Draw every day.” And, Ryan lives his artistic life that way to be sure. To learn more about Ryan and his art, here’s an interview I conducted with him at my other blog.

Enjoy Ryan’s blog below, and visit Daily Sketchjam and his personal blog, 75 Super Comics, to see more of his work!