Dad’s Doodles – Super Sailor Man

I’m not gonna’ lie … Evan Shaner (@docshaner) was very much in mind when I cobbled this together. ūüôā


Belated Birthdays — Gracie & Evan Shaner!

So we’re a little behind on wishing Happy Birthday to two important people at 5 Minute Marvels. The first is Gracie, who turned 8 last Thursday. She wanted to celebrate by drawing her superhero identity, Saving Grace, in a new costume. I drew her as a teenager.

The second is for our pal Evan, Doc Shaner, crazy good artist and the world’s mightiest fan of the¬†world’s mightiest mortal, Captain Marvel! For him we draw the diminutive menace of Mr. Mind … a brilliant creation¬†from C.C. Beck!

Dad’s Doodles ~ Turtleneck!

As any guest to this site can see, we are big fans of Evan “Doc” Shaner here at 5 Minute Marvels. The dude is a rising star with a great style and a wild imagination. His latest creation is Red Clay, whose adventures are chronicled in strip form at

While only a few strips in, I must confess to loving the 70s heavies Evan has created to foil our hero — Mop Top and Turtleneck. So, I was compelled to draw.

Art-O-Rama! Drawing with Your Buddies

It’s been a few days since Grace, Cate (YES! She’s back!) and I last posted, but we’ve been busy.

Last week and this, Wednesday brought us comics from our friends Jim McCann ( & David Lopez on Hawkeye & Mockingbird and Chris Samnee (  on Thor: The Mighty Avenger.

And, Evan Shaner ( created an awesome Mary Marvel on his blog. So, Grace and I decided to draw for our buddies. And, Dan McDaid, my fellow lover of all things Kirby and Doctor Who (seriously, he and I were seperated at birth) proposed the Sandman for

Away we go!

Kudos to Jim and David for breathing new life into two characters who have lived on the fringe of the Marvel U. for many years. I have always loved the Phantom Rider (Long live the Rangers!), but Dominic Fortune … not so much … until now. Jim and David have made him the Han Solo of the Marvel spy game … and I look forward to his brief appearances almost as much as I do for Hawkeye & Mockingbird — my two favorite comics characters. That’s some feat.

And, what can I say about the majesty that is Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Marvel’s new Thor book for reads of all ages? I know … BUY IT! Daniel Von Eggidy at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find (our comic shop in Charlotte, NC) called it “Frank Capra’s Thor.” Man is he right. From Chris’ playful art, to the lush colors by Matt Wilson and writing by Roger Langridge, this book is everything that got me into comics into the first place. It just has a great heart. And, that’s somewhat hard to¬†find in comics these days.

This week, a fave — Ant-Man — showed up to battle, then befriend Thor. So, we drew. Grace knows Ant-Man’s helmet is silver, but she got to use the “grown up” black marker to ink her work … and she took full advantage.

And, finally, Evan “Doc” Shaner — the world’s most passionate fan of Fawcett/DC’s Captain Marvel — put an awesome drawing of Mary Marvel up at We were inspired. Grace’s Mary looks a little weary, but I love the way she drew Mary’s eyes … and she spent a lot of time on the hair.

Over at, the weekly theme is The Sandman … and how many choices there are. Most of the TWARTers have gone with the DC hero, Sandman —¬†a great choice. But, I think Dan McDaid, who proposed Sandman, was leaning toward the Marvel villain Sandman. So, we chose to go in that direction and to draw him in his late 60s/early 70s costume designed by Jack Kirby. Ah, feel the Kirby Krackle!

I know I’m partial to her work, but I love Grace’s Sandman here. He just looks like so much fun to be around … like a day at the beach. (Oh, that was a truly poor choice of words …)

Daredevil! by Aaron (3) & Evan Shaner

A few weeks ago, I posted two drawings from up-and-coming comics bad ass, Evan Shaner, and his nephew. But, this incredible drawing of Daredevil got left behind. Seriously, if Evan can do this in 5 minutes, imagine a whole book he’d draw.

You know what? Don’t imagine … visit!


Happy Birthday, Evan Shaner!

Tonight, Grace and I wanted to do something special for our buddy, Evan “Doc” Shaner, an incredible artist who is on the verge of blowing up. Check out his site here:

In addition to showing his mad skills over at Comic TWART, Evan created a fun series called 1990 Gettysburg, about a boy and his imaginary friend, Abe Lincoln. The strip has a fun cast with characters like F. Scoctopus Fitzgerald and Eastwood Moon-Face, who we drew tonight. Check out 1990 Gettysburg here:

Happy birthday, Evan!

The Human Torch and Captain America! by Aaron (3) & Evan “Doc” Shaner

Okay, so I’m excited about this one. When I really started looking at artist Web sites, one of the first … and favorite … sites I found was that of up-and-coming artist, Evan “Doc” Shaner. And, it isn’t just me … or Grace (she LOVES Evan’s rendition of the Agents of ATLAS) … the whole interweb is falling in love with this guy and his work. We expect great things from him. Check out his work at

You’ll understand why I was so jazzed to finally get 5 Minute Marvels from Evan, who visited his nephew last week. Here’s a fun passage from his e-mail:

“…Aaron’s 3 years old.¬† There were some really funny conversations during the drawing, for instance Aaron was drawing Human Torch and accidentally filled in one of his eyes. He decided that the Human Torch now has to wear protective sunglasses “because the bad guys have laser beams”.¬† There was a bunch of stuff like that but I can tell you the rest some other time maybe.”

These are great.