“Spider-Man No More!” — Thumbrpint Style

As you can see, we’ve been having a lot of fun with the Ed Emberley fingerprint cartoons … me probably more than anyone else. I was inspired to create a “thumbs-eye view” of the classic Amazing Spider-Man #50 by the great John Romita, Sr. I really had fun with it, but now that I’ve finished, I want to redo it … “thumbday” soon.


Esteban! with Polly Guo

Just a few weeks ago, Grace and I sketched some fun pictures of Thor inspired by artist Polly Guo. You can see them here.

Then, Polly surprised us with an original sketch of her original character, the inestimable ESTEBAN! He’s fun, inventive and reminds me of Groucho Marx … which is always welcome.

Read Polly’s Esteban strip here!




Chapel Smith with Emma T. Capps!

This is a special one. About six months ago, we learned about the amazing Emma T. Capps from our buddy Tara Abbamondi. Emma is an award-winning artist and storyteller. She has distinctive style, a signature character, a line of greeting cards, robust Webcomic and the respect of the industry. Oh, she also just happens to be a teenager. Amazing and inspirational. (P.S. She also manages to be a first-class Doctor Who fan, too.) You can see a cool time-lapse of Emma at work here: http://www.thechapelchronicles.com/about.php

Emma graciously agreed to sketch her character, Chapel Smith, and Chapel’s pet hedgehog with Grace and me. It was an honor.

We expect to see great things from Ms. Capps for many years to come and hope to meet her in person some day!

And, now a word from Emma!

My Sister the Freak & Red’s Planet

I am sorry to say that this sketch has been on the shelf for a while. Grace and I worked on it earlier in the year … and its some of her best work … but, for some reason, it didn’t make it onto the blog.

This is our take on characters from two incredible webcomics:

– Mary from Dani Jones’ “My Sister the Freak”
– Red from Eddie Pittman’s “Red’s Planet”

These are really fun, creative comics and I encourage you to check them out today!

And, now a word from Eddie!

My Neighbor Totoro! for Joe Bowen

Grace and I were delighted to receive the incredible drawing of Totoro from Hayao Miyazaki’s film “My Neighbod Totoro.” It’s a film we’ve never seen, but after drawing Totoro, Grace wants to. And, I’m thrilled.

The art came from a very talented artist, Joe Bowen. Joe’s rendition of Gizmoduck from Disney’s Ducktales was recently featured on “Best Art Ever.” This led us to Joe’s blog, which offers an incredibly diverse collection of art and … drum roll … his “Scott Bakula vs. The World” riff on Scot Pilgrim. Awesome. Check out his site: http://joebowenart.blogspot.com/

And, Joe gave us great advice for artists of all ages and skills: “Don’t be afraid to try new things! If you’ve gotten pretty good at drawing with a pencil and pen, try painting! Try digital art! There are sooo many great mediums, that sometimes it’s creatively refreshing to try something completely foreign.” Thanks, Joe! And, for you …

The Super Skrull!

Last week, we learned of Logan Riley, an artist who has dedicated himself to drawing a new comic book character every day out of his love of comics and desire to improve his skills. Well, that’s a noble pursuit we can appreciate around here. You can check out Logan’s art at http://literarybandit.wordpress.com/

I contacted him and he suggested we draw a Kirby Klassic — The Super Skrull. And, away we go!

Here’s Logan’s!