Dad’s “Whoddles!”

I had fun doodling Doctor Who monsters from the Pertwee era with Jon Morris. So, I thought I’d create some more “Who-ddles” (Doctor Who doodles … get it? Yeah. You probably do.) from the days of William Hartnell, my favorite Doctor. Ya’ kinda’ have to be a total Whovian geek to recognize or, worse, like these characters … and I fit that bill. It’s a Monoid (from The Ark) and a Menoptera and an Optera (from The Web Planet).

Dad’ Doodles – Pertwee-Era Who Monsters

My internet buddy and amazing artist, “Calamity” Jon Morris and I got chattin’ on Twitter about his recent Doctor Who monster sketches … and I said I’d take on some of the classics from the Third Doctor’s era. So, here’s an Ogron, Axon, Draconian, Auton, Silurian (or “Eocine” if you wanna’ get technical about it), Sea Devil and Alpha Centauri. Your move, Jon!

Dad’s Doodles – Timelords Wearing Hats

I had a lot of fun drawing Matt Smith in a fez with Grace this week … so I decided to draw some of my other favorite Timelords and their haberdashery — William Hartnell in his original fur cap from the very first eppy of Doctor Who, Patrick Troughton’s toboggan from Fury from the Deep (I LOVE that episode) and Tom Baker’s off again, on again cowboy hat/fedora. I know I should draw Sylvester McCoy in his bowler … but I just don’t like that era of Who. Sorry, Sly lovers.


Fezzes are Cool!

Tonight, we entered a state of temporal grace around the drawing board and decided to take on bow ties, fezzes and Timelords.

Gracie doesn’t really watch Doctor Who, but she knows I do and once she saw the red fez … it was an easy drawing session. In fairness, my Doctor took about five minutes, but I did take an extra ten to draw in the ghostly Dalek and Cyberman. (I drew the redesigned Cyberman while biting my lip. For me, you can’t beat the “Invasion/Revenge” Cyber design. 🙂 )

Cybermen for @DanMcDaid!

Today, Comics Alliance took a few precious pixels today to share the awesomeness that is British writer/illustrator and 5 Minute Marvels buddy, Dan McDaid. So, it seemed fitting to share the Cybermen sketches Gracie I made for Danny Boy on his birthday a few weeks ago.


Happy (Belated) Birthday, Doctor Who!

So, I’m more than a little embarrassed that I let the 48th anniversary of the first broadcast of Doctor Who pass without a post on Nov. 23. And, Grace was kind enough to help me rectify that by drawing a Dalek. I was struck with a need to draw Davros, the cantankerous creator of the Daleks  as everyone’s favorite blockhead.

I have two great geek loves – comics and Dr. Who.  I began reading comics and watching the Timelord around the same time. While other shows (Farscape, Galactica, LOST, V (the ORIGINAL)) have captured my fancy from time to time, no passions burn more deeply than my love of comics and classic Who.

Happy Birthday, Doctor! May you pilot that beautiful blue box for many, many years to come!

Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers by Eden & Jason Garrattley!

Grace and I got a very nice, little surprise over the weekend — these fantastic drawings of Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers all the way from the UK by illustrator/designer Jason Garrattley and his nine-year-old daughter, Eden. Great stuff, guys!

Jason runs some incredible blogs you should check out … well … right now:
KirbyVision: the fan art blog affiliated with the Jack Kirby museum
BetweenClarkAndHilldale: Jason’s blog with his art and design work
AncientAndForever: an AMAZING Dr. Who fan art blog