Giant Monsters!

The theme over at Comic TWART is Giant Monsters … one of my favorite comic genres. I showed the girls a bunch of old Jack Kirby monster covers. Grace suggested we create our own monsters. Seriously brilliant.

Cate created “The Poofinator,” an alien who uses her untamable hair to attack humanity. Grace chose “Gracezilla,” a monstrous half cave girl/half ballerina who hits people with clubs and sticks her tongue out at them. I pulled from my campus theatre experiences to create “Dramaaa,” whose giant, histronic tears will drown the world. Too much fun!  

Zorak in honor of Comic TWART!

The boys over at Comic TWART are a common source of inspiration for Grace, Cate and me. This week, they’ve chosen the 60s catroon show, Space Ghost. I know it’s cool that Cartoon Network gave The Ghost and his crew new life in the 90s with a comedy riff … but I always loved the original show as a kid, especially the colorful character designs by comics/cartoon legend, Alex Toth, and the stoic vocals by Gary Owens.

We thought about drawing Space Ghost himself, but the girls saw Zorak, the talking mantis … it was over.

American Panther!

Grace and I first saw Francesco Francavilla’s art on ComicTWART and then met him in person at HeroesCon last year to buy a copy of his Black Beetle comic (of which we can only hope there’s more on the way).

Since then, Francesco has blown up big time, drawing for DC and Marvel, where, in July, he’ll transform the Black Panther into the American Panther. I know this iteration of the Panther probably won’t last, but it was fun drawing a colorful version of a classic character.
See Francesco’s work here

And, now a word from Francesco!

Calvin & Hobbes!

I was 12 years old when Bill Watterson started Calvin & Hobbes. My dad, who loves comics strips with a terrific passion, brought home the first compilation of C & H and said, “You’re going to love this.” And, I did.

Like so many others, I was entranced by the wild abandon of Watterson’s imagination, the brilliance of his craft and his respect for his audience’s intelligence. Opening the Sunday funnnies to see Calvin & Hobbes in color was a weekly tradition.

When Watterson and Gary Larson (The Far Side) stopped producing their strips in 1995 and disappeared like the J.D. Salingers of the comics world … so did my interest in the daily funnies … and a bit of my childhood.

A few weeks ago, the boys over at Comic Twart did a week of homages to Calvin and Hobbes and the memories came flooding back. And, they inspired Grace and I to draw. Check out their work over at ComicTWART!


Bandit! by Cate (5), Grace (6) & Tim Miner

Under the direction of Chris Samnee, the boys over at Comic TWART are drawing the characters of Jonny Quest this week. Well, naturally, the ladies and I wanted to draw Jonny’s dog, Bandit, (Grace decided to draw Sumggler, Bandit’s brown-furred cousin 😉 )

I cheated, took another 7 minutes and took down the whole JQ Crew. Enjoy.

Iron Man! by Steven (9) & Uncle Mitch!

One of the coolest blogs out there … and one of the inspirations for this blog is Comic TWART! — a consortium of artists who met on Twitter and draw together on a weekly theme. Through my admiration of TWART, I have connected with Mitch Gerads, artist and writer of Johnny Recon. Click here to read more about Mitch’s awesome comic.

And, then check out the 5 Minute Marvel he did with his nephew, Steven, who lives in Japan. Awesome! Tony Stark would be proud, gentlemen! Draw again, boys, draw again!