Belated Birthdays — Gracie & Evan Shaner!

So we’re a little behind on wishing Happy Birthday to two important people at 5 Minute Marvels. The first is Gracie, who turned 8 last Thursday. She wanted to celebrate by drawing her superhero identity, Saving Grace, in a new costume. I drew her as a teenager.

The second is for our pal Evan, Doc Shaner, crazy good artist and the world’s mightiest fan of the world’s mightiest mortal, Captain Marvel! For him we draw the diminutive menace of Mr. Mind … a brilliant creation from C.C. Beck!


Captain(s) Marvel! by Grace (7) & Dad

Grace and I love to see what the boys over at ComicTWART are going to draw this week. And, today, they started C.C. Beck’s Captain Marvel (or Shazam!, as you may know him). He was up in our rotation, so it was perfect timing.

But, having already drawn Marvel’s Monica Rambeau version of Captain Marvel, we decided to draw a few of the 56,736 characters who have born the Captain Marvel name … including this silly version.