Calvin & Hobbes! with Philip Murphy

I’m going to wax a little “comic book political” for a moment, but when you look at gorgeous images like the one to the left here, it’s mind-boggling to think about the fact that DC Comics has trouble getting Wonder Woman right. When I saw it up on Comics Alliance’s “Best Art Ever” last week, I had to reach out the artist of this work … Irish illustrator, Philip Murphy. Check out his DeviantArt page here. 

And, to my great pleasure, he turned out to be just a nice a guy as he is an artist, suggesting we draw a common inspiration – Calvin & Hobbes. He killed it! And, to make it more fun, my dad, who introduced me to C & H drew with us!

Philip passed these words of wisdom on to the girls and me:Don’t get bogged down in a single art style. Try different ones. I see a lot of people drawing in an anime style now which is great. I love anime and have nothing against it, they can do things in that style that others can’t but, there’s a lot of amazing other styles out there. Think of it like ice cream. If day in day out all you eat was strawberry flavour, things would get pretty monotonous. So why not change it up with some vanilla? Don’t be afraid to try new styles you might end up liking or even making a new one.” Thanks, mate!


Calvin & Hobbes!

I was 12 years old when Bill Watterson started Calvin & Hobbes. My dad, who loves comics strips with a terrific passion, brought home the first compilation of C & H and said, “You’re going to love this.” And, I did.

Like so many others, I was entranced by the wild abandon of Watterson’s imagination, the brilliance of his craft and his respect for his audience’s intelligence. Opening the Sunday funnnies to see Calvin & Hobbes in color was a weekly tradition.

When Watterson and Gary Larson (The Far Side) stopped producing their strips in 1995 and disappeared like the J.D. Salingers of the comics world … so did my interest in the daily funnies … and a bit of my childhood.

A few weeks ago, the boys over at Comic Twart did a week of homages to Calvin and Hobbes and the memories came flooding back. And, they inspired Grace and I to draw. Check out their work over at ComicTWART!