C2E2 Was a Blast!

Miner girls (including Mom) and I happened to be up in Chicago this weekend visiting “Granny O.” Meanwhile … a killer comic book convention was going on downtown. We snuck off for a few hours to introduce Grace and Cate to their first convention and to meet some of the artists with whom they’ve drawn or whose characters they love. What we didn’t expect was the reception we’d get. It was awesome. Everyone was so nice to the girls… and they were so excited. The biggest thrill was when the girls were able to give their art to the creators who’ve supported them.

To learn that people we respect know and love our little blog was a real treat. Here are some highlights!

The girls and I with Jim McCann, writer of "Hawkeye & Mockingbird" and "Return of the Dapper Men."

... with "Return of the Dapper Men" artist, Janet Lee!

... with "Thor, The Mighty Avenger" artist, Chris Samnee!

... with "Mouse Giard" creator, David Petersen.

... with Marvel's "Girl Comics" editor, Lauren Sankovitch!

... with StarWars.com artist, Katie Cook.

... with "Magic Trixie" creator, Jill Thompson!

┬áThe girls gave a lot of their art away, but Colleen Coover was a last-minute addition to the show, so they took a gander at “Girl Comics” #1 Saturday morning and created some fresh art from one of their biggest supporters …

... with illustrator and "Girl Comics" contributor, Colleen Coover!