Spider-Man! by Savannah (2 1/2) & Dad (Ben Cohen)

A note from Ben:

“In the left section there is an isolated layering of circular shapes. That is his finger. The large mass of webbing, that is his
mask, which has a central point in the lower right…take your pick (we think of this as the spot between his eyes). In this webbing are darker, tight squiggles and an outlined spidy-eye. These are all his eyes…much more spider like then your typical two.”


Kitty Pryde! by Savannah (2 1/2) & Dad (Ben Cohen)

Two more great illustrations (and just the tip of the iceberg) from Savannah and Ben Cohen. Check ’em out.


“We drew Kitty Pryde (inspired by Kelly Thompson’s blog…againone of my favorites). Her head is the oval on the left, Lockheed (the dragon) is the oval and squiggle on the right. Bellow is her hair and then her costume in the left corner.”


“We drew Dave from D.P.7 (one of my favorite comics as a kid). This one is clearer, because the oval like shape with circle-like shapes in it is his bald head. His beard is in the uper-righthand his shirt is the upper-left.”


Bird Brain! by Savannah ( 2 1/2) & Dad (Ben Cohen)

Illustrator Ben Cohen and his daughter Savannah have sent in their second offering on 5MM — Bird Brain from New Mutants. Here’s Ben’s description:

The zigzag is Savannah’s signature, swirls are eyes, inverted triangular circle is the mouth (the vertical lines are teeth), lines and hatches are feathers. On the right is her trade mark balloon…its a line that goes up and has swirl (balloon).

Bat-Man! by Savannah (2 1/2) and Dad (Ben)

You’re NEVER too young to draw. Illustrator Ben Cohen and his daughter, Savannah, have recently started their own 5 Minute Marvels … and they’re fantastic. Savannah is in an abstract phase of life, but there is very purposeful work here. Ben explains:

“Savannah drew him under water “swimming with the fishes” and the bat-mobile. The squiggly line at the top are the waves with circular fish in them. On the left are two bat-mobile wheels and a scribble textured car body. The rest is more difficult to explain, but the big circle like shape is his head, with eyes to the right top and right bottom. His utility belt his horizontally across the face in vertical lines, almost squares and circle like shapes. The bat symbol is bellow in a wirery un-bat-like shape. His cape is above in horizontal long scribble lines.”

Check out Ben’s work at http://www.bencohenink.com/