Gracie’s Doodles – Bat-Man & Woodie

Grace fell behind a bit over the past few days and drew Bat-Man (LEGO Bat-Man) and Woody from “Toy Story.” She used a Disney instruction guide and did very well. I love Woody’s eyes and mouth.


Cassandra Cain!

I’m a big fan of the “3 Chicks Review Comics” bi-weekly podcast by Sue of DC Women Kicking Ass, Maddy of When Fangirls Attack and Kelly Thompson of 1979 Semi-Finalist. (Grace isn’t in on this one. It’s not exactly “G” rated.)

A pervasive topic on the podcast is the badassery (and lack of continuous use) of Bat Family member Cassandra Cain, who was recently given the mantle of Black Bat. So, for our favorite 3 Chicks … we draw!

Red Robin! with Jordan Gibson

This is the first of an array of new work Grace and I are doing with some truly talented artists. And, we were thrilled to start with Jordan Gibson. I first found his work over at Project: Rooftop (which is an incredible place to acquaint yourself with a wide array of artists and styles who draw for the love of drawing) and absolutely loved his take on Aquaman. You can see it here.

From there, I found Jordan’s Web site and the love affair really caught fire. He has a fun, clean, classic and deceptively uncomplicated style. But, as any artist will tell you, simplicity of line and design is never, never simple. Check out Jordan’s Website here.


Another amazing collection of art from Maddy, Erin and George (with special guest star Jessica!) Maddy writes:

So we are all so cool that we got together on a Friday night to bake a Rainbow Cake, watch Young Justice, and draw. Our friend/Erin’s cousin Jessica Peery is -here, so we have four pictures for you this time instead of three! After some discussion and Erin decimating the others in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock we picked the most wonderful current Batgirl, Stephanie Brown.  Steph happens to be the only character in all the world that Erin is good at drawing (MaddyNote: Erin is a liar.), so she is uncharacteristically happy with her picture.  Maddy and Erin share a love of Steph, mostly because she is adoabibble (Maddy’s term), bricks people in the face, and behaves like we would if we got to wear the Bat: super excited. That’s why our Batgirls say the same thing. Jessica thinks drawing Batgirl was fun, and that any deficiencies in her drawing is because she is sick.  George just started playing Kingdom Hearts for the first time, so we had to pry him away from the PS2 with a crowbar and the promise of cake, but he liked using sound effects, Ka-Pow!

The Mad Hatter

It was a snow day here, so when we decided to draw a Bat Villain, naturally it was … The Mad Hatter. (Okay, so Mr. Freeze would have made more sense, but we’re talking 7-year-old logic here, people.)

I love the eyes in Grace’s Hatter … and the nostrils. The dude looks suitably crazy.

Bat Villains! by Grace (7) & Dad

After watching a little “Bat-Man Lego” on the Wii, Grace decided to take down some Bat Villains. And, I think her Penguin is terrific. She gave him the long, nasty hair from “Bat-Man Returns” and “The Animated Series.”

Then, we drew Mr. Edward Nigma … The Riddler …

And, I was having so much fun, I kept on going …

Bat-Tastic! by Grace (6) & Dad

Grace created her own character … a fashionable member of the Bat Family she named … Bat-Tastic! She narrated what she wanted as we drew … blonde hair … a bat mask. A bat on the clothes. Two sets of wings. But, our drawings turned out just a little different.

Clock King! by Grace (6), Dad & Grandpa Miner

Grace wanted to draw “a bad guy with the face of a clock.” Little did she know that many years of studying the obscure corners of comics would enable me to pull out Clock King! Yeah, he’s legit. And, was featured on one of the best episodes of Justice League Unlimited, I might add.

Catwoman by Maddy (15), Erin (23), George (10) & Mom

Rawr! The Wahls’ daily installment is Selina Kyle herself … CATWOMAN. And, now … a word from the irrepresible George:
A word to the wise to the catwomen (by George the awesome vampire and zombie slaying gun-slinging space cowboy saver of shoes from vicious puppies rock star ninja of doom) — STAY AWAY FROM ACE THE BATHOUND!

Ace, The Bat Hound! by Chris and Laura Samnee

Chris Samnee has long been a favorite artist of mine. But, after the girls and I met he and his wife, Laura, over Twitter and then in person at the C2E2 convention … they are among our favorite people, too. One of the things that has amazed me since launching 5MM with Grace and Cate is how generous professional artists have been with their time. Chris was genuinely delighted to meet the girls and get art from them … and then he and Laura agreed to draw with us.

In addition to his main blog (here), Chris draws daily sketches for Laura, which she posts on her awsome Lunchnotes blog. After seeing a lunchnote she drew a few weeks ago … well, we had to have her draw with us. And, draw they did, creating two incredible sketches of Bat-Man’s faithful pooch, Ace … the Bat-Hound!

So here’s how to go from here. 1) Love the art. 2) Go to Chris’ blog and Lunchnotes. 3) Subscribe to Chris’ newly announces all-ages Thor series at Marvel. ‘Nuff said.

(P.S. Special thanks to Grandpa Miner for his contribution!)

Catwoman! by Kelly Thompson

We’ve been blessed with many friends here at 5 Minute Marvels … but, hands down, our bestest bud is blogger and writer, Kelly Thompson of 1979 Semi-Finalist. She championed our little blog from “jump” and has helped with so many wonderful suggestions that shaped the 5MM of today. She likes to draw. And, we like to draw with her. Check out her site here … you’re just in time for my favorite feature of hers: Her three-sentence solicit breakdowns.

Tonight! It’s Selina Kyle, the Catwoman! The girls had a ball tonight. I chose to go old school  … again.

The Bat-Man! by Maddy (16), Miranda (15), Jessica (14) & Erin (23)

Another terrific entry from the intrepid Wahl family. Here’s a note from Maddy about this submission.

“[Tonight, we brought] some new people, our other cousins, Miranda(15) and Jessica(14) along with regulars Me(16) and Erin(23).  We actually had to have an epic game of Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock (see Big Bang Theory for rules) to decide who would get to choose the character, the actual choosers were between Miranda and Jessica, but Erin and I played anyway, just because we love serial killers (it’s a long story, but there’s really no other way I can explain it.).  Miranda won out and we ended up drawing post-Dark Knight Batman(Pre-Dark Knight Batman was Jessica’s pick).  I actually colored mine a little, but their scanner scanned it black and white.  Oh well.  Miranda and Jessica had never actually  drawn Batman to my knowledge, (I’m not sure why they picked him) but I thought they did quite well (he looks very broody and no one had to draw his nose(his nose is very, very important).”

Joker by Allison (8), Ian (8) & David Banks

In his e-mail, David said he couldn’t draw. I’d beg to differ. This is truly a trio of terrifying sketches of the Clown Prince of Crime. Nice work!

In addition to drawing with his kids, David is a contributor over at Wired’s Geek Dad Blog. Check it out here! 

Bat-Man! by Savannah (2 1/2) and Dad (Ben)

You’re NEVER too young to draw. Illustrator Ben Cohen and his daughter, Savannah, have recently started their own 5 Minute Marvels … and they’re fantastic. Savannah is in an abstract phase of life, but there is very purposeful work here. Ben explains:

“Savannah drew him under water “swimming with the fishes” and the bat-mobile. The squiggly line at the top are the waves with circular fish in them. On the left are two bat-mobile wheels and a scribble textured car body. The rest is more difficult to explain, but the big circle like shape is his head, with eyes to the right top and right bottom. His utility belt his horizontally across the face in vertical lines, almost squares and circle like shapes. The bat symbol is bellow in a wirery un-bat-like shape. His cape is above in horizontal long scribble lines.”

Check out Ben’s work at

Bat-Mite! by Cate (4), Grace (6) & Dad (Tim)

Cate wanted to draw Bat-Man, but I made a counter-proposal … Bat-Mite. An annoying, magical elf from another dimension who has plagued Bat-Man since the late 50s, this little imp has always had a special place in my heart. (To learn more, click here and Wiki.) Thanks to a recent appearance on “The Brave & The Bold,” perhaps Bat-Mite is on the verge of a Renaissance period.

The girls had a lot of fun with this one. And, I think it’s their best work to date. And, I am here to tell you, Grace did complete her drawing in five minutes. Not bad, huh?