Angry Birds by John & Jacob Lindwall


Watch out, pigs! The Lindwall boys have sketched the Internet’s favorite flyin’ featherballs!

Angry Birds by John & Jacob Lindwall

Sketchin’ – Angry Birds, Peter Porker & Spidey

After surviving an extremely long day, my good friend Josh Bowron (keeper of the Discernland blog) capped it off with car trouble. So, I gave him a lift and we enjoyed a quick beer while sketching with his young son, Henry. And here are the results …

Angry Birds by Henry

Peter Porker – The Spectacular Spider-Ham by Josh

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man by Dad

Angry Birds! by Jacob & John Lindwall

We’re very excited to share this art from a father and son combo — John & Jacob Lindwall. Here’s what they had to say:

My 9-year old son Jacob and I have drawn the Angry Birds for your website. Jacob says “It was really fun to do because it is one of our favorite games.”