Olwy! for @Owly

HereosCon is almost here! Less than two weeks! Wow. One of our favorite friends last year was Andy Runton, creator of the Owly books. He has a joy of drawing and for fans that is absolutely infectious! He also has a wonderful habit of drawing Owly and Wormy as a wide array of characters … evidenced by hundreds of “Owly As …” sketches on his Web site. So, Cate drew Owly as a Hula Girl, Grace as a ballerina and me as The Thing & Human Torch!

Check out Andy’s incredible work on his site:  http://www.andyrunton.com/

And, now a word from Andy!


Owly & Wormy!

Tonight was Cate’s pick and she went with Andy Runton’s Owly & Wormy a fantastic comic for pre-readers. The folks at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find introduced me to Owly a few years ago when Grace expressed an interest in comics before she could read. Since, their school library and our local library have picked up the books and I am led to believe that they are hot commodities. As she says, “They don’t tell me they like it, I just know it.”

Click here to learn more about Owly and Wormy and read free Owly Webcomics.



And now a hoot … ahem … word from Andy Runton: