Namora – The Sea Beauty!

We had a request from our buddy Jen Richards, the Mockingnerd, for Namora, cousin of Prince Namor — The Sub Mariner. Recently, she’s resumed an active role in the Marvel Universe as a member of the Agents of ATLAS. Thanks, Jeff Parker, for finding a role for this classic character from the golden age of comics.

Grace and I opted for her original design by Ken Bald and Syd Shores. We hope you enjoy.

P.S. I must admit … I really had a hard time with her hands on this one. The clock was not my friend.

Cornered … AGAIN!

Grace and I have art up on Jon Morris’ terrific blog, Cornered!, again this week. In short order, this blog has posts of original art and has become one of our absolute favorites!

We decided to draw from What If #9 — the comic that gave birth to the idea that eventually grew into one of Marvel’s best creations over the last decade — AGENTS OF ATLAS!

Namora! by Grace (6) & Dad

This is only one of many, many sketches Grace created for HeroesCon. In fact, as we were at the convention, she walked around sketching and handing her “2 Minute Marvels” to grateful folks as we walked along … as well as original art we created for 5 Minute Marvels.

This sketch of the Sub-Mariner’s cousin (um … kissin’ cousin) Namora was done for editor of Marvel’s “Girl Comics,” Lauren Sankovitch, whom Grace and Cate met at C2E2 in Chicago. Hiya, Lauren! Hope you dug this as much as we did drawing it!

3-D Man! by Grace (6) & Dad

Marvel’s “Agents of ATLAS” series is breathing new life into some great characters from the earliest days of superheroes. I have loved these characters since I read What If… #9 as a kid … I guess Kurt Busiek and Jeff Parker loved it, too, as they brought this team into the regular Marvel universe in the Avengers Forever limited series and now the ongoing ATLAS title. Thanks, guys!

Venus! by Grace (6) and Dad

This one’s been floating around on a drive since last Sunday. When we woke up and got ready for C2E2 in Chicago last week, Grace got out “Girl Comics” #1 and was enchanted by the Venus (the goddess of love) story by artist, Stephanie Buscema. Stephanie’s Web site is here:

And, she drew what I think is one of her best yet. Once she heard Venus’ power is to make people fall in love with her … she was on it with gobs of gusto. While Stephanie drew the original blonde version, Grace and I chose the modern redhead version … in honor of Grace’s mommy.

Ken Hale – The Gorilla Man! by Cate (4), Grace (6) & Dad

It was Cate’s pic tonight and one glimpse of Gorilla Man in the Travolta Suit on Paul Tobin’s Web site was all it took — and, we all decided to give poor, Mr. Hale a snaggle tooth. Don’t ask why.