Waltee (Design by Brian Ralph)!

A few weeks ago, I read Brian Ralph’s zombie survival story, “Daybreak.” Popular culture is completely flooded with zombie stories, so I almost didn’t pick it up. But, I’m glad I did. It was a fresh take on a well-trod story told entirely in 4-panel pages from the point of view of the reader. Good stuff. But, fare for 5 Minute Marvels drawings? … not so much.

But, looking through Brian’s online portfolio, we found Waltee, a mascot he created for the Walters Art Museum. The girls loved it. We drew. And, had a great time.

Check out more of Brian’s Work at http://bralph.com/ 

And, now a word from Mr. Ralph!

Capture Creatures!

It was Grace’s pick earlier this week and she chose her favorite source of inspiration … Capture Creatures by Becky Dreistadt & Frank Gibson. Hers is a Crayola Dog (complete with doghouse.) Mine? A Lightmouse.


Ghost Rider!

I have been a fan of Dan Christensen’s work for many years. In fact, the first piece of original comic art I ever bought was from Dan. He sent in this amazing art a long time ago … and it got stuck in the dark corners of my e-mail. But, it was a happy re-discovery and I am thrilled to bring it to you! You can check out Dan’s work at http://dcdrawings.blogspot.com/

With the art, Dan send this note: My youngest boy Andy (6 years old) and I came up with a couple of Ghost Rider sketches today that I thought I’d pass along. I colored my sketch in Photoshop, which took about ten minutes, but the drawing itself only took 45 seconds, so if you average the two times, then *technically* that’s five minutes, right? 

45 seconds!?!?!? That’s talent, folks … and years and years of practice.

Puffy Unicorn for @scottlava!

HeroesCon prep continues! It was Cate’s pick last night, and she chose to draw puffy unicorns from Scott C.’s poster for his recent Tender Times show in New York. We love Scott’s art, can’t wait to get his new Great Showdowns book (with a forward from Neil Patrick Harris!) and meet him at Heroes in June.

Until then, we’ll just enjoy looking at his daily sketches on his site: http://www.pyramidcar.com/

P.S. Quote from Cate on her sketch: “Hey, Dad! Check it … Bloody Horn!!!” (Really, doesn’t every father long to hear that at some point? That kid ain’t right.)

 And, now a word from Scott C.:

HOLY MOLY!!  that is amazing!  agh!  i am freaking out.  you guys are the best.  Puffy Unicorns is a great name for those little dudes.

Nevull the Neatobot!

HeroesCon in Charlotte is just four weeks away today! We’ve developed a tradition over the last few years of looking at the Artist Alley list for sketching inspiration. This week, J. Chris Campbell’s “Neatobots” jumped out and commanded us to sketch. It’s wonderful, bright, colorful work that engenders immediate love. J. Chris’ work feuled cate to produce what she has defined as “my best drawing ever.” High praise, indeed. See more for J. Chris Campbell’s amazing work at http://jchriscampbell.com/