Booster Gold!

Our pals Erin Kelly and Maddy Wahl sent in some long-lost 5 Minute Marvels, like these two, awesome Booster Golds!


Magneto! by Maddy Wahl, Erin Kelly & Pals

Our favorite comic-lovin’ cousins are back with an “X-Men: First Class”-inspired ode to Magneto. A word from Maddy, AKA “College Girl”:

The other day Erin (24), her cousins Miranda (18) and Jessica (15) and I (18) all watched X-Men First Class.  It was Miranda and Jessica’s first time seeing it and they loved it, so we decided to celebrate by doing 5 Minute Marvels of Magneto!  Erin and Jessica both focused on Magneto’s Jewish heritage whereas Miranda and I went for more general shots.  We all cheated by the bucketloads. But Jessica wants me to tell you that she cheated the least.

Don’t worry ladies, as long as you didn’t stress out while drawing, cheatin’s okay by us.

Spidey! by the Wahl Family

Hold on tight, True Believers! The amazingly fun and talanted Wahl family is back with this amazing ode to your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! And, while all of it is fantastic, you have to admit … someday you’re going to be reading comic drawn by Maddy Wahl! Here’s here lead in to this art:

“We got quite a few for you today. My birthday was like a month ago and I got my family and some of my friends to all get together and draw Spider-Man with me! (Ultimate of course. He’s my favorite! (: ) I’ve been savin Spidey for something really special and I was not disappointed.   We got 10 whole adorabible Spider-Men… Nar, too tired to describe all o’ them but from Dad’s bearded Spider-Man, to Erin’s chicken eatin’ Spider-Man, to Brieanna’s Spidey chillin’ with bats, nannerpusses, and gosh knows what else,  they all awesome.”

Disco Nightwing! by Maddy, Erin and George Wahl

They’re back! The Wahls have sent in a boatload of art, starting with this ode to Nightwing (flown from the nest Robin, if ya’ don’t know) and his original, George Perez designed disco outfit. Bravo, ladies!

Hawkeye! by Maddy (15), Erin (23) & George Wahl (10)

George took his turn to pick the one, the only Hawkeye … my favorite comics character of all time and the star of the new book, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, by 5MM buddies, Jim McCann and David Lopez. Maddy and Erin chose a traditional path, while George was inspired by the cartoon stylings of Chris Giarrusso! Bullseye, guys. Clint would be proud.

Puppy! by George (10), Maddy (15) and Erin Wahl (23)

It’s been far too long since we had a submission from the Wahl girls and George, but it was well worth the wait! They took on Puppy from Chris Elipoulos’ Franklin Richards comic. And, they threw in a TARDIS for good measure. Love it!

And, speaking of pets, Grace felt Tigra was loneyly and needed buddy. So, she created Scratcher. And, she insisted he have a hat that was “like the guy on ‘Sonny with a Chance.'”

Catwoman by Maddy (15), Erin (23), George (10) & Mom

Rawr! The Wahls’ daily installment is Selina Kyle herself … CATWOMAN. And, now … a word from the irrepresible George:
A word to the wise to the catwomen (by George the awesome vampire and zombie slaying gun-slinging space cowboy saver of shoes from vicious puppies rock star ninja of doom) — STAY AWAY FROM ACE THE BATHOUND!

Cyclops! by Erin (23), Maddy (15) & George (10)!

The first family of 5 Minute Marvels is back with this awesome triptych tripute to Scott Summers, the dour, but erstwhile leader of the Uncanny X-Men. With his ruby quartz specs and permanent melancholy, he is the one, the only … CYCLOPS!

P.S. I love George’s Cyclops vs.  Cyclops!

The Master Chief! by The Wahl Family

Continuing to prove that the family that sketches together stays together, the Wahl family’s productivity and ability to engage more and more family members in 5MM is impressive. Now, the girls and I don’t play HALO, but I’m led to believe the Master Chief is a tough hombre. And, he certainly looks it here.

Ninjas! by George (10) & Maddy Wahl (16)

To truly appreciate this submission, you have to read Maddy’s description:

“It was George’s turn to pick and he picked Ninjas.  We all love ninjas, but I was in more of a samurai mood (because of my brand new samurai socks.) so I stuck samurai socks on my ninja, who otherwise is COMPLETELY invisible in the shadow of the building.  George’s ninja is actually himself, just to up the awesome another step.  I’m sorry for my hideous email, this is why we usually have Erin, so stuff makes sense.”

The Bat-Man! by Maddy (16), Miranda (15), Jessica (14) & Erin (23)

Another terrific entry from the intrepid Wahl family. Here’s a note from Maddy about this submission.

“[Tonight, we brought] some new people, our other cousins, Miranda(15) and Jessica(14) along with regulars Me(16) and Erin(23).  We actually had to have an epic game of Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock (see Big Bang Theory for rules) to decide who would get to choose the character, the actual choosers were between Miranda and Jessica, but Erin and I played anyway, just because we love serial killers (it’s a long story, but there’s really no other way I can explain it.).  Miranda won out and we ended up drawing post-Dark Knight Batman(Pre-Dark Knight Batman was Jessica’s pick).  I actually colored mine a little, but their scanner scanned it black and white.  Oh well.  Miranda and Jessica had never actually  drawn Batman to my knowledge, (I’m not sure why they picked him) but I thought they did quite well (he looks very broody and no one had to draw his nose(his nose is very, very important).”

Zombies! by Maddy (16), Nick (13), Erin (23) and Georgie

More 5MM greatness from the Wahl family (Wow! Maddy whipped out 5 minute watercolor!!!!) and sage advice from George:

A word to the wise to the zombies (by George the awesome vampire and zombie slaying gun-slinging space cowboy saver of shoes from vicious puppies rock star ninja of doom) — Do NOT eat your own brains. I don’t care how hungry you are DON’T EAT THEM!

Namor! by George (10), Erin (23), Mom & Maddy Wahl (16)

This one was a real treat for me … and I for you, too. Four sketches of Marvel’s Namor the Sub-Mariner … a character who, along with the Human Torch, established the modern Marvel universe. There is a lot to love in this offering from the Wahl family … from George’s playful “Speedo” on Namor’s trunks to Sue Storm on the Fish-O-Vision in Erin’s to the power of Mom’s and, let’s face it, the fantastic composition and talent Maddy used. And, from what I can tell from her e-mail, Maddy was the instigator of this sketch session … and her passion shows. Methinks we have not heard the last of the talented Ms. Wahl.

Wow. Seriously. What can I say.  THIS is why we started 5 Minute Marvels. Thanks, Maddy. It was a privilege to put this up. Don’t be a stranger! PEOPLE, PLEASE TREAT YOURSELF & CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO EXPAND IT!