Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers by Eden & Jason Garrattley!

Grace and I got a very nice, little surprise over the weekend — these fantastic drawings of Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers all the way from the UK by illustrator/designer Jason Garrattley and his nine-year-old daughter, Eden. Great stuff, guys!

Jason runs┬ásome incredible blogs you should check out … well … right now:
KirbyVision: the fan art blog affiliated with the Jack Kirby museum
BetweenClarkAndHilldale: Jason’s blog with his art and design work
AncientAndForever: an AMAZING Dr. Who fan art blog




The 11th Doctor by Eden (7) & Jason Garrattley

Big thanks to Jason and Eden for indulging my passion for all things Who (P.S. Cate is a budding young Whovian, too) and drew me this picture of Matt Smith … who debuts in the U.S. on BBC America on April 17. If you want to thank Jason…visit his Doctor Who Art Blog –Ancient & Forever!

Minnie the Minx! by Eden (7) & Jason Garrattley

Ask and ye shall receive! Yesterday, I requested Minnie the Minx from Beano to compliment Fatty and Dennis the Menace … and here she is in all her glory! Thanks, Eden and Jason! Check out Jason’s Kirby Vision Blog here!