Ghost Rider!

I have been a fan of Dan Christensen’s work for many years. In fact, the first piece of original comic art I ever bought was from Dan. He sent in this amazing art a long time ago … and it got stuck in the dark corners of my e-mail. But, it was a happy re-discovery and I am thrilled to bring it to you! You can check out Dan’s work at

With the art, Dan send this note: My youngest boy Andy (6 years old) and I came up with a couple of Ghost Rider sketches today that I thought I’d pass along. I colored my sketch in Photoshop, which took about ten minutes, but the drawing itself only took 45 seconds, so if you average the two times, then *technically* that’s five minutes, right? 

45 seconds!?!?!? That’s talent, folks … and years and years of practice.


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